What Your Favorite Holiday Food Says about You

Dec 23, 2017

The saying “you are what you eat” might be up for debate on a nutritional level, but there is a possibility that emotional attachments to certain foods can say something about who you are -- here’s something to chew on:


If fruitcake is your favorite holiday food, then you are likely a person who is comfortable standing alone in the world. You are thick and impenetrable, able to handle any bump in the road.


If you choose ham as your favorite holiday fare, then you also enjoy taking center stage, with everyone gathered around you. You’re a star: the centerpiece of any event.


A favorite in Asia, dumplings grace a wide range of holiday tables. The dumpling lover is a person who is sometimes transparent and sometimes a total mystery: a real enigma, but full of wonderful attributes of all kinds.


If you can’t wait until Thanksgiving to arrive, are tired of sliced and packaged turkey and still crave turkey all the way to Christmas, then it’s safe to say you’re a huge fan of turkey. You likely remind people that Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the symbol of America. Moreover, your humor is dry, and with your stories of American patriots, you might find that the crowd is getting a bit drowsy.


The lamb lover is a person who is sweet and kind, someone everyone praises for his/her temperament. “Tender as a lamb” goes the sentiment.

Cranberry Sauce

The person who lists cranberry sauce as a favorite is tangy and sweet at the same time. In addition, you leave a mark on whomever you encounter, one that is not easily forgotten. There are two types of people here: the one who is independent and pure, and the other who only molds to the shape of his/her environment.

Latkes/potato pancakes

The person who calls potato pancakes his/her favorite is the life of the party: Each story told funnier than the next. The latlke lover is a crowd pleaser.

Michael Alpiner is a columnist at Forbes.com, co-editor of the website, ExtremeLuxuryGetaways.com,  and a contributor to New York Lifestyles Magazine. Michael is also a writing professor at Touro College in New York.

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