Every night is date night at this Mexican desert retreat

Apr 10, 2024

Mexico may be known to some as a spring break capital, with its white-sand beaches and lively nightlife scene setting the stage for vibrant parties and tequila-flowing fun. But beyond the coast is a mountainous countryside with colorful wildflowers and larger-than-life cacti—and a bohemian resort that puts it all front and center. 

My partner and I spent a long weekend at Our Habitas San Miguel de Allende, a hotel just outside the city center in Mexico’s stunning countryside. The closest beach is miles away, and while you can find tequila at any local bar or restaurant, the bigger focus is on the region’s budding wine scene. Though it was certainly unexpected, this trip to Mexico was the most romantic I’ve ever experienced in all my travels. 

Mystical moments

We had arranged a transfer with the hotel for the two-hour scenic car ride that brought us through mountainside towns and farmlands from Guanajuato International Airport in León. Arriving at Our Habitas, we immediately knew our stay would be unlike any other. While most hotels and resorts simply give you a key and point you towards your room, we were given a tour of the grounds and then invited to a sage ceremony where we set intentions for our stay. After locking those in (we vowed to unplug and stay present throughout our long weekend), we were given matching Our Habitas-branded bracelets and a link to their daily event programming. 

Introspective moments like these were common, and the schedule included many mystical activities like sound baths, incense ceremonies and mindful crafting—think candle-making classes and macrame workshops. If you wanted to sign up for an activity, you just had to put your name in the night before so the staff could make sure there were enough supplies. It felt like we had our own event planner that helped arrange special dates for us throughout the weekend.

During “Pinto y Tinto,” Our Habitas’ version of “Paint Night” and one of our favorite date activities of the trip, an instructor led us through a painting of a desert night sky with the real thing as our backdrop. We had a great time creating our very own piece of art while sipping local wine and getting to know some of the other guests in attendance. I especially loved that, unlike other Paint Night events I’ve been to, this one provided us with a much smaller canvas that could easily pack into our suitcase after it dried. It currently sits in a little corner of my apartment as a reminder of my magical vacation, and still remains one of my favorite souvenirs of all time.

Gorgeous grounds

With its aesthetic, cozy lounge areas and a subtle scent of palo santo and wildflowers constantly permeating through them, the resort is the quintessential setting for a romantic getaway. Here, you don’t stay in rooms, but rather small guest pods constructed to shift the focus onto your surroundings: the rolling hills that seem to go on forever; neighboring trees adorned with lanterns that cast a warm, orange glow; a star-studded night sky devoid of any man-made interruptions.

Every part of the resort was meticulously designed to put these natural gems at the forefront. Each guest pod faced out at the wilderness and was positioned at a specific part of the property: there were “hillside” rooms located close to the common areas (where we stayed), “vista” rooms that provided sweeping views of the countryside and “ridge” rooms situated at the highest point of the grounds. All pods feature a window wall, with the bed positioned directly in front of it so you have a front-row seat to the wilderness as you fall asleep and wake up. 

Throughout the resort, there were ample sitting areas for nature viewing—my favorite of which was right outside my door. On the other side of the window wall was a private patio area complete with an oversized beanbag chair (that fits two!) and a table to rest your drink on. This quickly became our go-to spot every night after dinner for stargazing. The heavy blankets stored in our closets made this nightly activity extra comfortable.

Meals with a view

Located in the center of the resort was the on-site restaurant which, like the rest of the property, was outfitted with Aztec decor and flooded with warm colors, burlap and other textures. But it was more than just beautiful—all of the meals were farm-to-table and included fresh, local ingredients that were wellness-focused. Breakfast was included in the stay, and served as a refreshing contrast to the continental breakfasts of most other hotels. Each one came with your choice of coffee or fresh-squeezed juice and an entrée, which was almost always a smoothie bowl for me. Since returning from my trip, I’ve tried to replicate this smoothie bowl and, despite knowing all of the ingredients—frozen avocado, coconut, kiwi, mangoes, blueberries and an array of seeds and nuts—it doesn’t even come close to their version.

Dinner was treated as an event, and one of the most notable of our stay was during our last night, when the resort hosted an all-you-can-eat barbecue with a live band that played in front of a fire pit. There was a pulled pork slider station, a grill area with chicken, steak and other meat, a veggie station with stuffed peppers and mushrooms as well as tons of sides. We charged a standard flat fee to our room for the feast and indulged for hours while taking in the sight of the sparkling night sky. 

Sunsets, on the other hand, were best viewed at the on-site vineyard, which was just a 10-minute golf cart ride away from the main area. On our second night, a staff member drove us and another couple to our wine tasting experience, which was included in our three-night package. We followed our guide through a tour of the grounds and learned about the Mexican wine industry before tasting several different reds and whites and paired snacks. We sipped all of the different blends and chatted for hours, watching the sun travel below the trees, and even though we ended up missing our candle-making activity, I have no regrets. Before heading back to the main area, we purchased our favorite bottle and continued the feast back in the main area.

So, while I’m a firm believer that it’s not about where you go on vacation, but rather who you go with, it doesn’t hurt to stay in an extra beautiful spot surrounded by nature’s best. From the perfectly designed cuddle stations to the creative date night activities packed into each day, Our Habitas helped give us a deeper understanding of each other—and a whole new view of Mexico. 

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