Debunking Cheap Flight Day

Aug 23, 2016
Over the past few years, there was the creation of "Cheap Flight Day" a time when U.S. carriers were said to drop fares starting on Aug. 23.

We've had journalists and bloggers reach out to us this month, asking if we thought we would see great fares launching today for flights this fall and winter. We suspected we wouldn't as this appeared to largely be a made-up event, and our past data didn't support it. And our airfare analysts who got up early today can confirm this. We aren't seeing the best fares today.

Matt Ring, our Senior Producer & Director of Search, said he saw about 20% of prices drop overnight, but that didn't result in the kind of sales we get excited about around here. Our best fares are sent out as Newsflash emails, letting members know the latest and greatest point-to-point offers or great sales from their nearby airports.

"We know that fall travel is softer than summer up until the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving. It does tend to bring lower pricing to many places, including top spots like Miami and Orlando, even Europe," Matt said. However, today's sales don't seem exceptional. For example, Frontier has had some strong sales the past few weeks, but they’ve come out with similar fares today, nothing we see as special. "To narrow it down to one day just doesn’t work, but this time of year is a good time of year to buy airfare, just don’t think it’s one day," Matt tells flyers.

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