Bolivia's Salt Flats Are the Closest You’ll Get to Heaven on Earth

Aug 18, 2017
The Bolivia Salt Flats, or Salar de Uyuni, might be one of the most stunning places on Earth. The world’s largest salt flat is in the Daniel Campos Province in Potos, and is pretty much a photographer’s (and Instagrammer’s) paradise.

The dreamy reflection cascading over the salt flats creates a heaven-on-Earth effect – and one of the most gorgeous backdrops we’ve ever seen. Take a look and, inevitably, move this spot to the top of your travel bucket list.

Travelzoo Tip: Plan your trip according to the experience you’re hoping to have -- the best climate can be found July-October, but the best time to see the “world’s largest mirror” is between March and April. Photo via Flickr: Dimitry B. Photo via Flickr: psyberartist Photo via Flickr: Pedro Travassos Photo via Flickr: Christopher Crouzet

This is also a great spot to show off your creativity and use of multiple perspectives … no green screen needed!

Photo via Flickr: Taro Taylor Photo via Flickr: Madeleine Deaton Photo via Flickr: Madeleine Deaton Photo via Flickr: AHLN Photo via Flickr: Lisa Wichel Photo via Flickr: Lisa Weichel

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