The Andaz Mayakoba Is More than a Luxury Resort - It’s a Cultural Experience

May 25, 2017
Lots of people are familiar with the resort experience: Lounging on the beach, drinking cocktails on the beach, enjoying food on the beach -- what's not to love? The experience can sometimes feel a little impersonal, though. Without much to root the resort to the country it's in, what real difference is there between a resort in Belize and one in Bali?

What sets Andaz Mayakoba Resort in Riviera Maya apart is its commitment to creating a cultural experience for guests and showcasing the best of Mexico and Mayan culture.

These are some of our favorite details:

Between the beachfront, mangrove forests and freshwater canals, this resort offers nearly 600 acres of stunning Yucatan landscapes to take in.

There's wildlife everywhere. Seriously, chances are you'll spot some monkeys, crocodiles, parrots or turtles while you're here.

Dogs are welcome, too, naturally.

The resort hired a Mexican street artist to create incredible murals across the property. The brightly colored octopus wall is a favorite backdrop for vacation photos.

The resort has a team of cultural insiders to help create vibrant and varied experiences for guests.

The jungle chic decor is full of work by artisans. The lampshades, the art and even the tiled floors offer local flair.

In fact, every detail of the place takes its inspiration from Mexico and its history. The wood panels across the resort are inspired by Mayan hieroglyphs.

Instead of standard resort fare, Andaz Mayakoba serves Yucatan, Mexican and Latin American specialties. It features a market-to-table menu with plenty of local seafood.

The spa treatments, or Naum rituals, pay homage to the Mayan gods. All the products used are hand-selected, and many are crafted with locally inspired ingredients.

The resort offers tours through the cenotes, or natural swimming holes, and caves located throughout the area. A great chance to explore this underground Mayan wonderland.

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