The Adventure Begins: Interning at Travelzoo

Jun 2, 2015
Hi, I’m Savannah, and I’m an intern.

My search for a summer internship and my love for travel brought me two incredible opportunities: I could spend the summer either in a rural village in Rwanda or on the 37th floor of a New York City high-rise. An adventure no matter which path I chose.

A few months, plane rides and subway tickets later, here I am, proudly writing to you from the Travelzoo headquarters in Manhattan. Rather than washing my socks in a river and eating with the local villagers, I’ll be working as an intern in the Travelzoo marketing department, saving quarters for the laundromat and testing out the city’s best bagels and cheesecake.

Dad saves the day!
Born in Austin, studying in Los Angeles at the USC Marshall School of Business, and working in New York City, you could say I’ve lived the city life. Yet I’ve also roughed it, from a 28-day camping trip that started in Texas and brought me to Montana, to a week-long adventure full of Mandarin-speaking taxi drivers and treks up the Great Wall in Shanghai and Beijing, to a 21-hour drive through the Texas plains to bring my trusty Prius to LA.

Note to self: don’t run out of gas in the middle of Texas. My dad and I learned the hard way.

I’ve seen a good portion of the world, and I hope to see more of it (from my desk) during my summer here at Travelzoo. As I’m exploring New York City, figuring out how to work the subway system, and sending pictures of my food through Snapchat, I’d like to share my love of travel with as many people as I can.

Let me know what you think – whether it’s your own crazy travel story or life as an intern – I’d love to hear it all. Reach out to me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – use #InternTZOO. I’m all about social media. It’s my job.

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