9 Stunning Hikes That Will Leave Nature Lovers Drooling -- No Passport Required

Feb 1, 2018

The adrenaline that comes with conquering a trail makes hiking an intoxicating (and almost addictive) experience. Those feelings of accomplishment combined with stunning panoramic views have cemented hiking as one of our favorite ways to explore. We’ve compiled a list of must-see trails to hit right here in the U.S.A.

Angels Landing - Utah

This trek leads hikers alongside dramatic cliffs overlooking the breathtaking Zion Canyon. Perfect for adrenaline junkies, the journey requires holding onto a chain-link fence while traversing steep terrains.

Trail length: 5.4 miles

Hidden Lake Trail - Montana

Take in views of Bearhat Mountain on this epic hike through Glacier National Park. Visitors can often spot mountain goats grazing on colorful wildflowers and a fortunate few (with keen eyes) may even witness a wandering grizzly bear.

Trail length: 2.7 miles

Kasha Katuwe - New Mexico

These unique tent rocks were formed 6-7 million years ago as a result of volcanic eruptions. Visitors can trek through a zig-zagging narrow canyon followed by a climb to glorious views of the Sandia mountains and Rio Grande Valley.

Trail length: 3 miles

Cadillac Mountain - Maine

Located in Acadia National Park, this hike weaves through spruce trees and past wild blueberry bushes. Cadillac Mountain is an east coast giant -- the tallest point on the North Atlantic seaboard. For five months of the year, it is the first place in the United States to see the sun rise.

Trail length: 4.4 miles


Mills Lake - Colorado

This hike in Rocky Mountain National Park will certainly fulfill cravings for mountain ridges and wildflowers. The trail careens past Alberta Falls and then opens up at the picturesque Mills Lake (which is a great spot to enjoy a picnic before making the trek back).

Trail length: 6.2 miles

Colchuck Lake Trail - Washington

Cross over log bridges and ogle unbelievable vistas on this trail leading to a vibrant blue/green alpine lake. Dragontail Peak and Colchuck Peak create a stark and beautiful contrast to the icy waters of the lake. Although portions of the hike can be challenging, the view at the end is certainly worth it.

Trail length: 8 miles

Grassy Ridge Bald in the Roan Highlands - North Carolina

This portion of the Appalachian trail starts amid dense forest and then opens up into the balds -- wide open fields yielding incredible views. Visitors will witness seemingly limitless hills and wildflowers present throughout the trek.

Trail length: 5.3 miles

Oneonta Gorge - Oregon

Maneuver over obstacles and wade through a stream to reach the stunning Oneonta Falls. Although it is not long in distance, the journey is definitely an exciting challenge. It can require climbing over branches, navigating rock walls and braving the chilly water.

Trail length: 1 mile

Mount Rogers in Grayson Highlands - Virginia

The natural wonders on Mount Rogers are sure to blow visitors away with rhododendrons in spring, wild blueberries in summer and beautiful foliage in fall. The highlight of Grayson Highlands, though, are the wild ponies that can easily be spotted wandering through grasses or lazily grazing. If an 8-mile hike is too intense, the state park has other shorter hikes where visitors can still do some horse-spotting.

Trail length: 8 miles

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