82% of Canadians Stick With Vacations Over Hockey

May 28, 2015
With less than one month until the official start to summer, new data released by Travelzoo reveals 82% of Canadians would rather give up hockey than their summer vacations.

What do you think? Would you give up hockey to keep your vacation?

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Or will you figure out how to have your Stanley Cup cake and eat it too?

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The survey also revealed 65% of Canadians plan to take a summer vacation – up 10% compared to last year – with more than half planning a domestic vacation.

"Given the long winter and short summer, it's no surprise that many Canadians would give up hockey over a summer vacation," said Lara Barlow, Interim Country Manager for Travelzoo Canada. "That said, this year we expect to see many Canadians vacation closer to home given the lower gas prices and weaker currency."

Lower gas prices

More than half (53%) of Canadians are opting for drive destinations such as Ontario's cottage country and Prince Edward Island over international destinations like the United States, Cuba and Europe for their summer vacations this year. With gas prices averaging around $1.13 per litre in Ontario – a 16% decrease year-over-year – road trips are much more affordable when compared to an international air ticket.

Weaker Canadian dollar

While some analysts predict the Canadian dollar will strengthen, there still remains a 1USD to 1.24CAD exchange rate making travel to the U.S. 15% more expensive for Canadians compared to last year. A 4-star Miami hotel that costs Americans 109 USD per night will cost Canadians 135 CAD per night.

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