8 of the Most Breathtaking Waterfalls to See in Hawaii

Apr 2, 2018

While traipsing through the Aloha State, it's difficult not to stumble upon jaw-dropping natural sites. The eight main islands of Hawaii are also dotted with almost 100 documented waterfalls (plus several more hidden gems). So, it's safe to say that when visiting the Hawaiian islands, chasing waterfalls is highly encouraged.

Here's a list of the most epic falls in Hawaii you won't want to miss.

1. Waimoku Falls – Maui

How to get there: Waimoku Falls is a spectacular display found at the end of the Pipiwai Trail. The 1.8-mile hike winds through a bamboo forest that drops visitors at the base of this towering cascade.


2. Waialeale waterfalls – Kauai

How to get there: Travelers that are not up for a treacherous hike can catch an awe-stricken glimpse of these falls by helicopter. It’s possible for thrill seekers to trek to this wonder, but due to flash flood possibilities journeying with a guide is recommended.

3. Sacred Falls – Oahu

How to get there: Unfortunately, the trail to the Sacred Falls is closed and illegal to hike. As a result, this hidden beauty can only be spotted by way of helicopter tour.

4. Waipoo Falls – Kauai

How to get there: Waipoo Falls can be enjoyed by hiking Kauai’s Canyon Trail.  Visitors can catch a glimpse of the 800-foot wonder at the beginning of the trek. Then, those that continue hiking far enough will experience a unique view from right at the top of the falls.

5. Onomea Falls – Big Island

How to get there: This Big Island masterpiece is easily accessible along the forested path of the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden.


6. Honokohau Falls  – Maui

How to get there:  Reaching heights of 1,100 feet this torrent is the tallest in Maui. Honokohau is another hidden wonder, only viewable by helicopter, as it’s nestled in an inaccessible valley.

7. Moa’ula Falls & Hipuapua Falls – Molokai

How to get there: These two giants can be found in Halawa Valley. The trek involves stream hiking and boulder hopping, but viewing these knockouts from the ground is possible.

8. Manoa Falls - Oahu

How to get there: This Oahu favorite can be spotted at the finale of Manoa Falls Trail, less than 30 minutes outside Waikiki. Visitors can even enjoy a quick dip at the base of the cascade.

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