6 Things to Love about Milwaukee’s Brewhouse Inn & Suites

Mar 27, 2017
It’s a hotel. In a former brewery. It’s hard to get more “Milwaukee” than that. But beyond the gleaming Cream City brick and imposing architecture, the Brewhouse Inn & Suites has a lot going on inside. The best part? For the next few weeks, you can visit and save up to 60% on your stay. We’ve negotiated rates that include parking, tickets to the nearby Pabst Mansion, a gift shop credit – and even a free six-pack of PBR.

Pour yourself a brew and get ready to plan your visit:

1. Millions of barrels of beer were made here for about a century.

Don’t worry – it doesn’t smell like a brewery. But from the thick brick walls to the high ceilings to the wrought-iron railings and steel beams, it sure looks like a steampunk-industrial spot from the late 1800s – and it’s held up quite nicely.

2. The patron saint of brewing smiles upon thee…

…from the stained-glass visage of Gambrinus overlooking the atrium. It was commissioned by Frederick Pabst himself to help inspire the efforts of his workers during the day. It was eventually covered up and stayed hidden for decades, but was restored during the hotel’s renovation.

3. No other hotel has gleaming copper kettles running from floor to ceiling in the atrium.

The rooms are comfortable and lovely, but this is what you’ll be Instagramming.

4. Every room has a kitchenette.

Maybe you brought back some extra rouladen or schnitzel from one of the city’s historic German restaurants. Maybe you want to heat up some leftover cheese curds from the nearby Blue Ribbon Pub for breakfast. (Don’t knock it til’ you try it.) Or you just want to keep some extra beers on ice while you get ready for a night out. Either way, the Brewhouse Inn has you covered.

5. There’s a brand-new brewery around the corner.

Pabst decided to close the building that would become the Brewhouse Inn in the 90’s. As part of a plan to bring Pabst’s brewing heritage back to Milwaukee, their new brewery opens in mid-April, and they picked a space right around the corner from the old one.

6. It’s in the middle of Milwaukee’s beer renaissance.

Despite being a city famous for its beers, Milwaukee has mostly left the brewing to Miller in recent years. However, a number of new breweries and brewpubs have opened up throughout the city and suburbs in the past 12 months or so. Since Uber and Lyft are now prevalent in town, you can hop a safe ride to places like Good City, Third Space and City Lights. The Lakefront Brewery tour still comes highly recommended, as well.

With Travelzoo's deal for Milwaukee's Brewhouse Inn & Suites, you can save up to 60% on your stay  and receive free parking, tickets to the nearby Pabst Mansion, a gift shop credit and a free six-pack of PBR, of course.

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