5 Reasons My Kids Will Never Vacation On Land Again

Jun 29, 2017
As a first-time cruiser, I had no real expectations for my inaugural cruise. I set off for Miami to the MSC Divina with equal levels of excitement and trepidation, but before the week was even out, both kids were starting every sentence with, “Next time we go on a cruise…” They were hooked, and as any mom knows, happy kids make for happy parents.

Here are their top five reasons why this family’s vacations on land may be a thing of the past.

1. Free ice cream

Yes, you heard me! Free ice cream every day! As much as you wanted to eat. Even better, the kids were able to serve themselves, which for them was ice cream heaven.

2. Kids club

MSC has spent a lot of time investing in its kids club, and it shows, from the fabulous multi-lingual staff to the special kids club cartoon-style characters they have created. This FREE (yes parents, I said free) kids club operates much of the day, every day, though with a few differences on port days. From fun games to lives discos to special crafts and more, the staff at Il Puffi had it covered. For a parent, this can make or break a vacation, and it definitely made it for us.

3. Nightly theater shows

Every night, there are two live shows, which you can attend depending on what time your dinner seating is. It’s not Broadway, but your kids don’t know that. If we had even suggested a night off from the show, the cries of protestation could have been heard on the mainland. Their favorite show? A Michael Jackson tribute show. (Mom loved this too, but then, who doesn’t love the king of pop?)

4. The cabin bunk beds

Now let’s be clear -- this is list of the things the kids liked. The kids just loved the fact that the bunkbeds appeared out of the ceiling. A notable mention should be made for our cabin attendant’s genius towel art too!

5.The dolphins

One of the stopovers was in St. Maarten, where a short trip on a boat takes you to Anguilla and the white sandy beaches, tropical waters and dolphin encounter experience that my kids will remember forever. A truly incredible day.

And a few tips for the parents:

For most moms and dads, a family vacation is about spending quality time with your family that all of you enjoy. A week aboard the MSC Divina was just that. While the kids truly loved it and their list was a lot longer than the five above, it would be remiss of me to not share a few reasons why the week was such a success with us adults.

One afternoon -- with the young ones safely in the kids club -- we took part in a wine blending class. I’ll admit, it was secretly an excuse to drink lots of delicious wine and pretend it was for education purposes. However, I actually learned a lot about wine and came away with my own perfect blend of personalised wine. That’s 50% zinfandel and 50% merlot, if anyone is asking.

The spa also deserves a notable mention. Not only did my hot stone massage provide the relaxation I needed, but the gym was pretty impressive, too. That all-you-can-eat breakfast would take its toll on your waistline pretty quickly if you let it, but with a fully equipped gym, we felt hardly any guilt!

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