5 Reasons Why Camp Is Just As Good As an Adult, According to A Former Counselor

Mar 29, 2016
My time both as a camper and senior staff member at an overnight summer camp helped turn me into the person I am today. I’m perpetually ready to break out into team building -- and I always have both sunscreen and a water bottle at the ready, despite working in downtown Chicago negotiating hotel deals for Travelzoo's millions of members.

The past few years have been so exciting for me as it's become really popular for adults to return to summer camp as part of their summer travel plans. I think the opportunity to return to summer camp provides a lot more than just nostalgia. And for those who were not able to attend as kids, it provides an incredible opportunity to see what all of the hype was about.

On a personal level, many of my closest friends to this day are friends that I made in summer camp.  Friends that lived in Michigan, Chicago, Colorado and Texas that I would only see once a year, at camp.  I met my wife at camp when I was 10 years old (granted, we didn’t start dating until we were 19 and 20)! Camping was the best way to get outside of your comfort zones and try things that you normally would not have. Climbing the rock wall, zip lining, water skiing, rib-eating competitions, all done in the same day, among your best friends!

If I were able to go back to camp for a weekend I would make sure to do these things:

Commune with nature

Camps are the perfect place to get out of the city and really take in the natural beauty surrounding you. I grew up going to a camp in north central Wisconsin in a small town on the Chain of Lakes. Our camp had a beautiful lake, as well as a tree lined perimeter that really created this sensation that you were in the middle of the forest.


I spend so much time on my phone, computer,  iPad, etc. -- it would be great to be completely turned off due to the lack of Wi-Fi!

Jump into a wild and crazy game of GaGa!

This is the sport of champions, and I actually once accidentally broke one of my staff members fingers during a particularly raucous game. I'm sure as adults the game could get even more tactical and beats the typical workout!

Post-meal cheering and singing

There literally is not another venue in which it’s appropriate to finish your meal and to spontaneously burst into song or wildly cheer, which as adults might be equally as fueled by an open bar as it is our enthusiasm.

End the night with an enormous bonfire

The most iconic image of camp is also probably one of the best things about attending summer camp. If I were able to go back to camp, I would love to sit back with all of my camp friends and reflect on all of the fun we had over the years there. Also, the night would hide how old we all look now.
The author (in front with glasses), circa 1996

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