22 Images That Will Make You Want to Go to Iceland Right Now

Jan 31, 2018

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is a photographer’s dream. Geysers and glaciers, volcanoes and waterfalls, lunar landscapes and icy lagoons… it all adds up to produce one of the most startlingly otherworldly places you’re likely to encounter. We challenge you to get to the last image on this page without wanting to book a trip ASAP. 

And if you’re a dedicated Icelandofile and think we’ve missed anything from this collection, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

When it comes to pictures of Iceland, it’s hard to know where to start. The Gullfoss waterfall seems as good a place as any, though. Here’s the winter version… 

In fact, it’s fair to say Iceland was at the front of the queue when the big guy upstairs was handing out ridiculously pretty waterfalls.


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Trees, on the other hand… you won’t see many of these in Iceland. There’s an old Icelandic joke that goes: “If you should ever find yourself lost in a forest in Iceland, just stand up.”


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Perhaps more surprisingly, they also do a mean hot dog – Icelanders are so fond of them that the humble hot dog has pretty much become the unofficial national dish. And the best place to get one is Baejarins Beztu Pylsur in Reykjavik.


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You’ve probably heard of the Blue Lagoon. Everyone goes here when they visit Iceland. Fortunately, when it comes to some things in this life, the hype is entirely justified…


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Does this landscape look familiar? If so, it’s safe to say you’ve been watching a fair bit of “Game of Thrones”. Myvatn is just one of the locations you can visit on tours of the show’s filming locations.


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They’ve got an island, Surtsey, which has only existed since 1963, when a volcano erupted out of the sea.

This glacial lagoon, Jökulsárlón, is one of the country’s most popular stops for tourists. Easy to see why.


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OK, we’re trying not to be too boring about the whole waterfall thing, but…


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Ever wondered what it’s like to explore inside a volcano? Head to Thrihnukagigur and wonder no more.


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There’s something about Iceland that seems to make just about anything beautiful. This plane wreckage, for example, which you’ll find on a black beach in Sólheimasandur, on the southern tip of the island – it doesn’t sound like it should be, but it’s really quite beautiful.


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Even Icelandic swimming pools are out of the ordinary. This one is at the bottom of a valley in the middle of nowhere. It’s called Seljavallalaug (another one you shouldn’t even attempt to pronounce). We challenge you to find a more remote, more spectacular place for a dip.

It’s not all blue and white. Welcome to Rauðisandur, a vast expanse of red sand stretching for 10km in the remote Westfjords region of the country.


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This is the Silfra Fissure in Thingvellir National Park, where you can snorkel or dive between the two tectonic plates that separate the North American and Eurasian continents.


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Even the horses know they’ve got it good in Iceland.

And the sheep.


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We haven’t even mentioned the Northern Lights yet. There’s no guarantee you’ll see them, but if you get lucky, this is what happens: 

Reykjavik is one of the coolest little capitals you’re ever likely to visit.


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The city’s iconic cathedral Hallgrímskirkja is equal parts scary and stunning. A trip to the top is a must.


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Looking for something unusual to do in Reykjavik? How about a visit to the Icelandic Phallological Museum – here you’ll find the largest display of penises in the world, including 282 specimens from 93 different species of animals.


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Make sure you check out this sculpture, Solfar (that’s “Sun Voyager” to you and me) in the city centre, looking out to sea.


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How about one last waterfall to finish? This one’s called Skógafoss. You’re welcome.


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