10 Photos that Prove Butler Service is the Ultimate Resort Perk

Jun 17, 2015

Please don’t pinch us for a moment while we daydream....


As we are checking in, we’re gently reminded about the included signature butler service. What will we ask the butler to do? This vacation instantly just got even better. Here’s our list of the top 10 things we’d request:

1. Sunglasses Cleaning

Ensure your views are crystal clear by having a butler clean your sunglasses while on the beach. Pro tip: ask for a popsicle as well.

2. Garment Pressing

With two complementary garment pressings per day per person, you might as well have your swim trunks pressed. The butlers will ensure you always look (and feel) your best whether you're golfing, dining or beaching.

3. Champagne Ritual 

Every Friday at sunset, watch as the head butler starts the celebration with the ritual of Champagne sabering. It doesn't get much better than bubbly and treats while watching the sunset, and the sword add a little excitement.


Champagne ritual for all of our staff honoring our Butler Service week at #stregispuntamita #stregishotels #stregisbutlers

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4. Unpacking & Packing Services

After a long day of travel, ask your butler to unpack and store luggage. When your stay has ended, a butler can gather and fold your garments to pack everything back up. That means maximum beach time for you.

5. Pet Service

A welcome letter, gift, bed, menu, and many more treats make sure that your pet's vacation is as comfortable as (and dare we say more than?) yours.

Resident pooches enamored with special treats | Yappy Hour #stregispuntamita #puntamita #yappyhour A photo posted by The St. Regis Punta Mita (@stregispuntamita) on

6. Beverage Service

Throughout your stay, the butlers will ensure you always have a drink in your hand. When you're greeted with coffee and tea in your room and have an endless supply of margaritas or signature St. Regis Bloody Marys at the beach, there's no excuse to go empty handed.

At the address of culinary indulgence, instagrammer @theeveryhostess savours on a refreshing Coco Loco on the beach #stregispuntamita   A photo posted by The St. Regis Punta Mita (@stregispuntamita) on

7. Pick-Up Soccer Game

Challenge your butler (or any of the staff) to a friendly game of soccer, volleyball or basketball. Disclaimer: we can't guarantee you'll win.


Love Soccer? So do we! Play a friendly match against our team- but dont expect to win to easily!

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8. eButler 

At any hour of the day, contact a butler via email for prompt service. Want to catch a few waves? Ask to see the surfboard rack. Exhausted after a long day of relaxation? Request to have a bath drawn. Still in the middle of your book chapter? Have the butler reschedule your 5 p.m. massage.

Smily, enjoying my job @stregispuntamita #stregispuntamita   A photo posted by Jorge Graciano (@jorgegraciano1979) on

9. Fancy Fruit Cutting

Once again, swords make an appearance. If you absolutely need fresh watermelon cut in the shape of hearts, a butler can bring you anything, anytime.


Freshen up this festive weekend with poolside snacks #stregispuntamita

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10. All Other Wishes 

The resort's website states "For all other wishes or requests, St. Regis Butler Service is pleased to assist." Consider them your personal genies. A few wishes we'd make include having sea shells collected from the beach to bring home, buckets of cool ocean water to dip our feet in after a beach run, learning a joke in Spanish and having fresh coconuts delivered to the room after morning yoga.

Heaven ?? #alexxjaeandmilk #Mexico #stregispuntamita #cocoloco #heaven #paradise   A photo posted by Alexx Jae & Milk (@alexxjaeandmilk) on

Unfortunately one thing the St. Regis butlers can't do is come home with you. However, you can experience all of these butler services at the St. Regis Punta Mita Resort firsthand (and save over $1000).

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