Vouchers: Customer Support & FAQs


How do vouchers work?

Taking advantage of a voucher deal is easy!

  1. Purchase the voucher(s) you want on our site. You can buy multiple vouchers for the same deal, although different deals must be purchased in separate transactions.
  2. You'll get an email confirmation with a PDF of the voucher. Follow the instructions on the voucher to book the deal directly with the merchant. In some cases a reservation may be required, in others you can just show up!
  3. Present a printed or mobile copy of your voucher to merchant when you arrive.

We recommend making a reservation right away to secure your date. If you can't get dates that suit you, you can request a refund online through My Account, as long as the refund policy allows it.

Vouchers always retain its "base value," which means even if you don't use it by the expiration date, you can use the amount you paid as a credit with the merchant for as long as they are in business.

How do I book a hotel deal?

Purchase a voucher for the period you want to travel, then follow the directions on the voucher to make your reservation. The sooner you book the more likely the hotel will have Travelzoo inventory available for your dates (they may have other availability, but not for the Travelzoo deal.) Remember to buy multiple vouchers if combining or extending stays.

If you need to change or cancel a reservation you have booked with the hotel, please check the cancellation policy on the voucher, then contact the hotel directly. You can obtain a refund for your voucher in My Account, as long as you are eligible according to the cancellation policy. You must also cancel any active reservations you have made with the hotel before requesting a refund.

Can I get a refund if I can’t use my voucher?

In most cases a voucher can be refunded up to a certain timeframe. Follow these steps to determine eligibility and request a refund online:
First, check the refund policy at the bottom of the voucher. You can also check whether your voucher is eligible for a refund by signing into My Account and clicking My Purchases. Next, select the purchase you would like to refund.

  • If you see a “Request Refund” button, you can request a refund online.
  • If you see “Reservation Made”, you must cancel your reservation with the Merchant first, then come back to My Account to request the refund.
  • If you do not see Request Refund or Reservation Made, or your voucher says Non-Refundable, then your voucher has either expired, or the refund policy does not allow a refund anymore.

Finally, click the Request Refund button, select the reason for the refund, and confirm that you would like to refund it. Your request will be processed within 3-5 business days and the refund will appear in your account.