Saskatchewan: Travelzoo Tips

May 30, 2018

Get away from it all in Saskatchewan. Full of stunning landscapes, this Canadian province is also known as "the land of the living skies" due to the impressive cloud formations and incredible sunsets. 

We asked our members to share the must-see places in their own communities. Here are their tips for Saskatchewan.

Experience a prairie sunset in Saskatchewan

"Beautiful hues of oranges, pinks purples against a crystal-clear blue backdrop make for a stunning sight." -- Travelzoo member Glenys

Go curling in Saskatchewan

"You should come to Meskanaw or another small town and try curling. It's much harder than you would think, and the community ladies make delicious soup, burgers and dessert." -- Member Jean

The Saskatoon Western Development Museum

This museum of Saskatchewan history, which also has outposts in Moose Jaw, North Battleford and Yorkton, has "an amazing variety of displays (both static and interactive) that are suitable and engaging for all ages. It's a great place for a family to spend a few hours. They also have tasty food in their cafe and unique items in their gift shop. --  Member Connie 

Swim at Little Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan

"Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan is the Dead Sea of Canada. The mineral-enriched lake water has health benefits and healing properties. Locals say 'even a goat can float,' as the water is so salty that you don’t sink. There’s a world-class spa and a mineral pool as well. -- Member Sharon

Take the Prairie Lily boat ride down the Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon

"It's a wonderful way to view the core of the city. The captain points out the landmarks and history, and on a Saturday by day the views are glorious." -- Member Phyllis

Take in the Tunnels of Moose Jaw, Sask.

"Visit the historic underground tunnels formed during the Roaring ’20s bootlegging era of Al Capone. Staff are invested in their roles and share friendly, informative dialogue. Next door, you can dress in period clothing and pose for a picture as your alter ego -- a rum runner! Tommy guns, three-piece suits and whisky bottles are available to build your character. Fun for all ages." --  Travelzoo member Donna

See Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Sask.

"Saskatchewan doesn't have a lot of big cities or old buildings, but what we do have in abundance is nature, from prairie wheat fields to valleys to forests. Many who drive through the province never leave the TransCanada Highway, and all they see is bald, flat prairie lands, but if you venture off, you are in for a treat. Cypress Hills has golfing, zip lining, hiking, swimming and stargazing. There is camping, a hotel and cabins to choose from so you only have to be as outdoorsy as you’re comfortable with. And I promise, lying on a blanket stargazing with your loved ones with next to no light pollution is worth the trip." -- Travelzoo member Nadine

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