Travelzoo Tips: Quebec

May 31, 2018

We asked our members to share the must-see places in their own communities. Here are their tips for La Belle Province.

"A Tour Guide's Guide to Quebec City," a guest blog by Kiera Dinsmore. Read it here!

"Romantic Canadian Destinations," a guest blog by One Modern Couple. Read it here!

See Quebec’s native species at the Zoo Economuseum in Montreal

"It's home to many different animals of this region -- small and large, from fish to birds. It's inexpensive and the site is also a great walking park with places for an enjoyable family picnic."

Spend the Night at North America's Only Ice Hotel

In a guest blog, Lauren of Justin Plus Lauren shares advice on staying warm in this cool Quebec hotel.


Get a taste of Quebec's wineries

Member Donna from Quebec suggests exploring the vineyards and wineries of the Eastern Townships. "Some have restaurants," she writes; she also recommends seeking out those with "walking tours" and "displays from local artists."

Go Green at Montreal's St. Patrick's Day Parade

Photo: United Irish Societies of Montreal

First held in 1824, it's the oldest one in Canada! - member Susan

Mont-Tremblant National Park in the Laurentians, Quebec      

“Great wilderness, rivers, kayak rentals, camping and lots of hiking. There’s no better place to see some wildlife and go fishing.” - Member Brian

Stop to Smell the Roses at the Montreal Botanical Garden

"Whether you’re visiting a special exhibit indoors, strolling through the spectacular outdoor gardens or sitting under a tree with a good book and enjoying the solace of nature, these gardens are not to be missed."

-- Member Rosalia

Tour the Old Port of Montreal

"Go for its diversity and many hidden stores and restaurants. Also, the cobblestone streets give the area an old-world feel." - Member Vincent

Stroll the Beach at La Grave, Magdalen Island, Que.

"There are nice restaurants on the wharf. The most beautiful and less windy beach is nearby. This sandy beach is covered by fine white sand that looks like salt. By Aug. 15, tourists are gone and the water is warm. It is paradise on earth." -- Member Diane

10 Free Hidden Gems of Montreal

Writer Nathalie De Grandmont shares her favourite free options in a blog post written in both English and French.

For the World's Best Stargazing, Head to Quebec

Photo by Guillaume Poulin

In a guest blog, travel writer Solmaz, The Curious Creature tells us about the world’s first International Dark Sky Reserve.

Explore La Route des Baleines/The Whale Route

"For nearly 1,000 kilometres along the St. Lawrence River, you can spot beluga, minke, fin, humpback and blue whales. The starting point is Tadoussac, Que., which is among the best whale-watching spots in the world." -- Member Michel

Visit Parc national des Grands-Jardins near Baie-Saint-Paul, Que.

"It's been a renowned fishing spot for more than 100 years. The park’s mascot is a spruce grouse, who, according to officials, will 'try to impress you by parading, clucking and spreading its short wings and tail feathers. It is often seen on the hiking trails, and the noise it makes when taking off surprises many hikers.'"-- Travelzoo staffer Michael

Au Sommet Place Ville Marie, Montreal, Que.

"Instead of going to the top of Mont Royal for the views, head to Au Sommet Place Ville Marie, a 360-degree observatory that opened up this year, offering spectacular views of the city and the St. Lawrence River. It also hosts the most famous new brasserie in Montreal, Les Enfants Terribles." -- Travelzoo member Ivayla

Drive Route 132 in Quebec

"A new controlled-access highway has been built, but take the road less travelled. With all the transport trucks and commercial traffic gone, the old roads are far more scenic. Examples include Route 132, the old road along the south shore of the St. Lawrence after Route 20 was built; the old road from Fredericton to Moncton; and the old highway on the west side of the St. John River after the new twinned highway was built. Consider stopping for two nights along the way, making it a trip instead of a marathon." -- Travelzoo member David

Listen to Piknic Electronik in Montreal

Photo: Charles Prot
"Having a picnic and enjoying electronic music in a beautiful, sprawling park is simply the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It happens every Sunday from May to September at Parc Jean-Drapeau." -- Travelzoo member Amy

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