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Jun 30, 2020


Nova Scotia is Canada's second smallest province and home to over 3,800 coastal islands, making it a remarkable destination for travellers. With over 7,000 kilometers of coastline, the province has a myriad of beachfronts, some covered in sand white and sugar soft enough to rival the Caribbean, others darkly pebbled with lush vegetation growing at the borders. 

We asked our members for their top recommendations for things to do in Nova Scotia. 

Drive the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

"It’s a natural Canadian gem. On the Cabot Trail, you’ll experience the convergence of land, sea and sky. At some point on your journey, you must turn off the engine of your vehicle and stand outside and listen. While the visuals may be stunning, so is the orchestration of the sounds emanating from those three sources, resulting in a truly soulful experience. Get off the beaten path and head 30 minutes off the Cabot Trail to Meat Cove, a rural fishing community at the most northern tip of the island. Here you will find legendary seafood chowder from the Meat Cove Chowder Hut, as well as spectacular views that make you feel like you are on the edge of the world. " — Alf, Travelzoo Member

Experience Hip-Swaying Music in Halifax

"To experience life like local is to experience live music. Go to the world-famous outdoor patio on Sunday evenings at the Lower Deck for traditional Maritime, hip-swaying music.​" — Varuni, Travelzoo Member

Try a Halifax Donair

"Halifax has a lot of wonderful restaurants serving up beautiful food, but its most famous dish is one traditionally eaten after a solid night of drinking, scored from takeout places open long after the bars close. The mighty Halifax donair is the stuff of legend, and you shouldn’t leave the city without sampling one. "  — Lola, Travelzoo Guest Blogger

Drive the "Lighthouse Route" (Highway#3) on the South Shore of Nova Scotia

"It's the slow, winding road along the coastline, so you get to see and smell the ocean with your car windows down. And you can also stop at quirky or interesting little shops and cafes." — Marjorie, Travelzoo Member

Home of Some of the Best Seafood in the World

"Try a lobster sub, or haddock & chips at a stand in the Halifax Harborfront (haddock is the ubiquitous, freshly-caught white fish that every local grew up on), or go upscale at the Five Fishermen for delicately-prepared seafood." Candy, Travelzoo Member

Go Back in Time in Louisbourg, N.S.

"The reconstructed Fortress of Louisbourg is well worth a visit. (You may have to negotiate a deal -- in French -- with one of the period guards to get in!) Also, don’t miss a performance of Cape Breton music and humour at the Playhouse in the town of Louisbourg. And, of course, be sure to sample the seafood." — Dan, Travelzoo Member

See Horses and Shipwrecks at Sable Island, N.S.

Sable Island horses. Flickr photo by Sorus Nomad
"The Sable Island National Park Reserve  (300 km southeast of Halifax) is home to more than 400 wild horses and the world’s biggest breeding colony of grey seals. You need to register with Parks Canada before you visit. Sable Island is nicknamed the "Graveyard of the Atlantic," as more than 350 ships have run aground on its sandbars. — Liza, Travelzoo Member

Plan a Pensive Visit to Pugwash, NS

Thinkers Lodge National Historic Site in Pugwash, Nova Scotia hosted crucial conferences and played a "role in ensuring world peace," says member Lily. "My father would joke about his village being 'the Home of the Thinkers,' but I just enjoyed the little the little beach where we would go for our evening swim."

The Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs is comprised of scholars and public figures, who work towards reducing the danger of armed conflict and to seek solutions to global security threats.

Take a Dip in Warm Waters at Rushton’s Beach Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

"Located between the villages of Brule and River John, N.S., this park overlooks Tatamagouche Bay, which boasts the 'warmest waters north of the Carolinas' -- and it’s true! At low tide there are acres of sand bar for kids to play on." — John, Travelzoo Member

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