Travelzoo's Ultimate Crowdsourced Road Trip: New Brunswick Tips

Jun 30, 2020

When planning your trip, we recommend you check your local public health guidelines and call ahead before booking attractions and experiences as they may be operating on adjusted schedules that are subject to change.

We heard you loud and clear: The No. 1 thing on Travelzoo members' minds this summer, based on recent polls, is a classic Canadian road trip. But it takes insight and planning to make one truly great. 

That's why we went to you to crowdsource the country’s top destinations with input from Travelzoo members from coast to coast. We pooled the collection of Canadian experiences and curated an interactive map with regional highlights, plus insider tips on what to do and see to maximize your fun. 

For those ready to hit the road, here are the Travelzoo member tips for New Brunswick.

Visit Fundy National Park for the Highest Tides in the World 

"On a trip to New Brunswick, stop at Fundy National Park to experience the rugged coastline of the Canadian Highlands. It's home to the highest tides in the world  tides in this zone reach a peak of around 16 metres, equal to the height of a five-story building! After the park, visit the town of Alma for a fresh-cooked lobster dinner. The best part of this experience is that you can have a drink, eat a lobster and watch the ocean all in one sitting.​" — Angela, Travelzoo Member

Seek Out the Hidden Waterfalls of Fredericton, New Brunswick

Photo: Emma Chevarie
Seek out the waterfalls hidden along the Trans-Canada Highway in Fredericton, such as Garden Creek Falls at Mile Marker #1. "It is absolutely gorgeous and is within Fredericton city limits. It's nicer than waterfalls abroad!" Lorry, Travelzoo Member

Step Back in Time at Kings Landing Historical Settlement

"The entire historical experience at Kings Landing is genuine. In addition to updated and repaired buildings, the original settlement buildings are exactly as the original settlers built and lived in. Local people both volunteer and are in the employ at Kings Landing, all dressing in original clothing styles suitable to the time period...And for the traveller who wants accommodation, a mere 15-minute drive will take you to hotels, motels and even better, to Mactaquac Provincial Park where you can pitch your tent and swim in the river!" Jane, Travelzoo Member

See Big Axe in Nackawic, N.B.

This is the biggest axe in the world. There’s a nice little park and a playground, and a three-kilometre nature trail along the river.” Stephen, Travelzoo Member

Visit the Saint John City Market

"The architecture in uptown Saint John is truly amazing, and the Saint John City Market is outstanding. Many buildings have been renovated to their original architecture, and there are many shops and restaurants to visit." — Peter, Travelzoo Member

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