Colour crush: our top 6 picks for fall foliage in Canada

Jul 27, 2023

Sure, there are loads of places to see nature put on its colourful display, but let's stop to brag a little—there's no better place to witness the beauty of fall than in Canada. The country's diverse landscape offers a particularly unique opportunity to take in a myriad of transformations. From the picturesque vistas of the Maritimes to the majestic mountains of the Alberta Rockies, here are our top six picks to immerse yourself in Canada's autumnal spectacle.

Nova Scotia

The province's mix of deciduous and evergreen forests creates a captivating contrast of colours—coupled with the unique opportunity to witness the beginning of the whale migration, it makes this region of Canada a very special place during fall. And, unlike the summer months, the fall season sees far fewer tourists, so you'll feel like you have the place to yourself. Explore the extensive network of trails, including the famous Cabot Trail, with views of the coastline and forests, and partake in local festivals and events, like the Celtic Colours International Festival on Cape Breton Island, taking place in early October.

Okanagan, British Columbia

This summer has been one of the most challenging for B.C.'s Okanagan Valley, with wildfires devastating the area—but when it's safe to do so, travelling to this region will be one way to help the communities rebuild. The countryside is famous for its vineyards, fruit orchards and picturesque lakes, and during the fall season, the valley transforms into a multi-coloured tapestry as the vineyards and trees roll into their deepest hues. And (bonus!), the region's moderate climate extends the fall foliage period, offering visitors ample time to soak up the season and explore the wineries—the perfect accompaniment to leaf-peeping, in our opinion.


The season here is short, swiftly unfolding from late August to October, and the urgency makes it even more exciting to see the boreal forests and alpine tundra of this rugged territory transform. And although it's brief, there's so much to see during a Yukon autumn—like the vast herd of caribou embarking on the longest land migration known to any animal on Earth. And, as the nights grow longer, the aurora borealis season begins, creating a striking backdrop to the changing landscape.

Muskoka, Ontario

Muskoka is well known for its serene lakes, rolling hills, and thick forests of maple, oak and poplar trees, giving it one of the most diverse fall colour palettes in the country. And, you can see it by land or water—Muskoka's plentiful lakes and rivers offer a perfect opportunity to get a wide-angle view of the landscape, and the region's array of hiking trails give you the chance to see the changing leaves up close. If that isn't "fall" enough, it's also apple-picking season during these months. Be sure to visit a local orchard or farmers' market, brimming with fresh produce, artisanal goods and cottage country charm.

Alberta Rockies

Though renowned for its rugged mountain landscapes and snow-capped peaks, the Alberta Rockies also offer an impressive fall foliage display. In Banff and Jasper National Parks, the larch trees (with needle-like leaves) turn a brilliant shade of gold, contrasting with the evergreen conifers and sky-scraping mountains. Throughout the region, these trees adorn the ranges, creating a picturesque scene akin to being cocooned under a giant golden blanket.

Mont Tremblant & the Laurentians, Quebec

The region's dense forests of sugar maple and yellow birch trees burst into vibrant colour each fall, draping the slopes and making it feel like you've just stepped into a spectacular Bob Ross painting. Plus, this is the land of maple syrup, sugar shacks and delectable Quebecois cuisine—basically, all things homey and yummy, synonymous with the season. Here, you can embrace the cozy charm of a mountain village, bursting with colours, flavours and culture.


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