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City's Best Eat Streets

It'll take about 4380 days to dine at every restaurant in Melbourne. That's way too long in our books, so we've come up with a shortcut to finding a great meal in the city.

With the city's streets dedicated to foodie experiences, just pick a street that matches your mood or favourite cuisine and satiate your cravings.

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Happy Hour in the City

Heritage pubs, hidden bars, even rooftop gin gardens, Melbourne has a bevy of places to enjoy a cold one. The craft brewery scene is big too and if you’re up for a day trip, renowned regions like the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula are perfect for wine lovers. But Melburnians also know there’s an art to successful wine tasting.

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In the Fast Lane

Enviable and fancy stadiums, pools, tracks and fields, it's no wonder Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia.

From Australian Open to Formula 1 Grand Prix, but there’s barely a week in the year without a team to barrack for or sports stars to cheer on.

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