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Spotlight on Samoa

Paradisaical Islands

Wild jade jungles, empty ghost-white beaches, blowholes, lava fields and lush rainforests; Samoa combines raw natural beauty and idyllic postcard landscapes. You can visit the gushing Afu Aau Waterfalls, the sparkling Tu Sua Ocean Trench, see the power of Alofaaga Blowholes and slide down natural slides at Papase'ea Sliding Rocks.

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From the Sea and Earth

Fresh seafood and traditional underground cooking ovens (umus) make Samoan dishes a must-try. Sample raw marinated poke, Oka (a raw fish in coconut cream and lemon), Palusami - taro leaves baked in coconut cream - and Masi Samoa, a kind of coconut shortbread. Head to the Apia markets for a taste of all the Samoan treats.

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Only in Samoa

Fa’a Samoa, the Samoan Way, is the soul of the island. The friendly locals stay true to their history and love to host visitors - some of the best experiences are had with families you meet at the markets and in the villages. Take a village tour, learn how to carve a coconut, visit a church or learn more at the museum.

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Experience a Fiafia Night

In traditional vibrant lava lavas and puletasis, performers celebrate Samoan culture with locally cooked food, traditional songs, graceful dances and fire knife dances. This is a cultural explosion of 3,000 year-old-story telling and entertainment for the whole family that cannot be missed.

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Road Less Travelled

The big island to the west is a place lost in time. Cloaked in ancient rainforest and ragged volcanic cones, it is a true paradise with plenty of adventure and secluded luxury. You'll see jaywalking pigs, weathered fales (thatched huts), sea-smashed cliffs, a plethora of marine life and welcoming locals.

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