5 Reasons a Norfolk Island Holiday will Calm your Mind, Body & Soul

Feb 1, 2018

With flights from Sydney and Brisbane lasting just a few hours before you touch down, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Norfolk Island is just another extension of the Australian mainland. However, this tranquil, largely untouched Pacific island has a unique heritage, cuisine and even a language all of its own. Here are five reasons a getaway to Norfolk Island will calm your mind, treat your body and soothe your soul.

1. You'll get back to nature

Breathe deep; the fresh, clean air on Norfolk Island will wash away any memories of city smog. Soak up the views of green rolling hills, lagoon-fringed shoreline, glimmering rock pools and majestic Norfolk pines. For a truly restorative getaway, try some yoga on an empty beach or under the sweet-scented pines with just the sound of birdsong to ease you into your Buddha pose.

2. No commuting

Forget the honking traffic jams, crammed train carriages and rowdy buses, Norfolk Island is small enough not to need public transport -- it's easy to walk, swim, snorkel, kayak and cycle your way around. If you do want to jump in a car for the day to explore (all of Spacifica Travel's packages come with inclusive car hire and insurance), you'll be one of the only vehicles on the road. Just watch out for the cows -- they have right of way.

3. You'll slow right down

Take a dip in the turquoise waters, relax on the beach, take a massage at the island day spa facilities, watch the sun set over the ocean from your verandah, glass of wine in hand... did someone say "romantic weekend"?

4. You are what you eat...

...and what you eat on Norfolk Island is the embodiment of healthy and fresh. The majority of the food is grown or caught locally, so there is an abundance of organic produce. There's also a thriving boutique industry for naughtier treats including wine, cheese and chocolate (because a relaxing break is all about balance, right?). We recommend sipping BYO sundowners at Emily Bay or on the top of Mt Pitt, dining at Hilli's and Dino's, and visiting the Strawberry Fields maze, garden and orchards to pick up produce to go along with a fish fry.

 5. You'll make friends and learn new customs

Norfolk Island is rightly proud of its small-town hospitality; the locals (many of whom are descendants of the Bounty Mutineers) are friendly and welcoming, and always ready to give you an insight into their homeland's fascinating, often brutal, history and unique Polynesian heritage. Take a tour, learn some local crafts, cook up a few traditional delicacies. Ask nicely and they may even teach you some of their very own language, a blend of 18th-century English and Tahitian.

Tempted? Spacifica Travel specialises in getaways to Norfolk Island, and has just launched a sale for travel throughout 2018. Here's a selection of offers -- all packages include flights, accommodation, car hire, local excursions, and can be extended to 7 nights. 

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