100 Australian Travelzoo Tips: The Best of the Best!

Nov 9, 2017

We pride ourselves on being the Deal Experts, but there’s so much more we want to learn about our country from you, our members. That’s why we’ve created a list of 100 Australian Travelzoo Tips to make the most of travel within Australia. If your Travelzoo Tip was published in one of our monthly blogs, you've won $20 to spend on a Travelzoo Local Deal of your choice!

The winning Travelzoo Tips are below.

Travelzoo Tip 4: Snorkeling with sea lions in Baird Bay, South Australia

Make friends with the local  sea lions at Baird Bay, South Australia. Photo credit: ®www.streakybay.com.au.

Travelzoo member Kelsey from Cairns says: "It's an incredible experience! The guide has spent years building a relationship with the sea lions. When he takes his boat out to the island where the colony lives, he whistles and they lumber into the ocean to see him -  just like a puppy when you come home. He does not feed them or bait them in any way, they are just genuinely excited to see him. We spent well over an hour swimming and playing with the sea lions."

Fancy getting wild with some sea lions? Find out more at Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience.

Travelzoo Tip 8: A visit to Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

Diving with a sea turtle at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia.

Jacquie from Mangrove Mountain, NSW recommends visiting "10 out of 10" Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia's Cape Range National Park.

"Australia's most beautiful reef is so easy to visit for swimmers, snorkelers and divers. In knee deep water, the reef meets your choice of 30+ pristine beaches throughout the Park, so no boat trip is needed to get among the coral and marine life.In season, whale watching and swimming with magnificent whale sharks also is an option, as the continental shelf is only a short boat ride away. The National Park's terrestrial wildlife is amazing, plentiful and archetypally Australian. Most Aussies and overseas travellers think that the best reef in Australia is in Queensland! Instead, fly from Perth, stay in luxury or camp, hire a car, eat seafood.”

Find out more about the eco-adventure capital of Western Australia here.

Travelzoo Tip 14: Bridestowe Lavender Farm in Launceston, Tasmania

Lavender engulfs the rolling hills at Bridestowe Lavender Farm in Launceston, TAS. Photo credit: ©Brian-Dullaghan.

Umi from NSW recommends a trip to Bridestowe Lavender Farm in Launceston, Tasmania.

"The farm is so beautiful during December when all the lavenders are blooming - it's a breath-taking location especially for your Instagram photo. Only a 45-minute drive from Launceston, it's not just an incredible view - they also have cafe serving homemade food and sweets. Their shop is also not to be missed, selling everything from the farm. Make sure you visit during summer to see the magnificent lavender flowers along the valley and stay until sunset to see the change of colours in the sky." Bridestowe Lavender Farm is open from 10am until 4pm daily.

Travelzoo Tip 11: Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

An aerial view of Mount Lidgbird on Lord Howe Island, NSW.

Lorraine from Melbourne  recommends a trip to Lord Howe Island where “the ocean is as blue as the sky."

"Its like stepping back in time - there are no high rise buildings, only 300 tourist are allowed on the island at any given time and the children on the island go to school barefoot. There are few cars on the road and they drive at only 20 kph, so no seat belt is required. In fact, most tourists get around the island on push bikes. It is so peaceful you never want to leave."

The world heritage-listed paradise is less than a 2 hour flight from Sydney and Brisbane. Find out more here.

Travelzoo Tip 17: Nitmiluk Gorge in the Northern Territory

The Katherine River winds between one of 13 gorges in the spectacular Nitmiluk National Park.

Catherine from Wollongong describes Nitmiluk Gorge in the NT as “mother nature at her best”. “Of all the wonderful sights in the world, you won't see better than this breath-taking gorge in the most beautiful part of Australia.”

Interested in visiting? Find out more at Nitmiluk Tours.

Travelzoo Tip 21: The Twelve Apostles in Victoria

The Twelve Apostles is a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park.

Terry from Victoria recommends a visit to the 12 Apostles “because it is beautiful, natural and breath-taking. I don't think you can beat a sight like this.”

Find out more here.

Travelzoo Tip 33: Saffire Freycinet Resort, Tasmania

"Luxury with a capiltal L" at Saffire Freycinet. Photo credit: ®saffire-freycinet.com.au.

Patricia from Melbourne suggests visiting Saffire Freycinet in Tasmania for "Luxury with capital 'L'" - food, wine, accommodation, service, environment. Makes you proud to be an Aussie to have such an outstanding resort in our country. Also close to some wonderful wineries."

If you want to experience "Luxury with a capital L" visit Saffire Freycinet.

Travelzoo Tip 36: Riding camels on Cable Beach, Western Australia

Camel riding at sunset on Cable Beach, Broome

Kathy from Burleigh Heads (Queensland) describes riding camels on Cable Beach at sunset as “a magical experience”.

“One of the biggest highlights of visiting Broome in the North West of Western Australia is riding a camel along the famous Cable Beach at sunset. As the sun dips into the Indian Ocean there is a show of spectacular colours reflecting onto the white sand of the beach and the silvery shimmering sea. Bobbing along on the back of a camel you can take in all the beauty of the stunning Cable Beach and the breath-taking sunset.”

Interested in visiting? Find out more about Cable Beach here.

Travelzoo Tip 37: Uluru, Northern Territory

Uluru, Northern Territory.

Travelzoo member Steve from Ulladulla (New South Wales ) suggests a visit to Uluru – “without doubt one of the most breath-taking sites on earth. I have travelled overseas but this is the most spectacular. Every Australian should see it.”

Discover more about the heart of Australia at NorthernTerritory.com

Travelzoo Tip 42: Booderee National Marine Park, New South Wales

Photo credit: ©Charliekay ©wikimedia
Jervis Bay, Booderee National Park. Photo credit: ©Charliekay ©wikimedia.

Jennifer from Vincentia (New South Wales) recommends the “just sublime” Booderee National Marine Park. “Unspoilt, untouched, natural bush walking tracks next to the gorgeous turquoise clear waters of Jervis Bay.”

Thinking about paying a visit? Find out more about the Booderee National Park.

Travelzoo Tip 57: North Stradbroke Island, Queensland

©Photographer Paul Ewart - ©Tourism and Events Queensland
Beachside views in North Stradbroke Island, Queensland. Photo credit: ©Photographer Paul Ewart ©Tourism and Events Queensland.

Sheryl from Point Lookout recommends visiting North Stradbroke Island (Queensland). She mentions the "gorgeous surf beaches” and “headland boardwalk, where from June to November you can see the annual humpback whale migration.”

“We have kangaroos roaming the streets and koalas in the trees. Half an hour water taxi from Brisbane, it is a hidden paradise with fresh water lakes and the most beautiful sunsets in the world. We have wild dolphins that you can get to within meters of at Amity point and miles of deserted beaches where you can camp. 'Straddie' is the most beautiful and inexpensive place to visit."

Keen to experience 'Straddie' for yourself? Find out more at StradbrokeIsland.com.

Travelzoo Tip 60: McLaren Vale wine region, South Australia

©Photographer Adam Bruzzone ©SATC
A stroll through the vineyards in McLaren Vale wine region, South Australia. Photo credit: ©Photographer Adam Bruzzone ©SATC.

Tim from Adelaide suggests visiting McLaren Vale Wine region. He describes the region as a "stunning wine region with over 80 cellar doors. Close to fantastic beaches, great restaurants and local produce.”

McLarenVale.info is the one-stop shop for exploring the region.

Travelzoo Tip 68: Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, New South Wales

For incredible views of the city, the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is a must! Photo credit: © Bridgeclimb Sydney © Photographer James Morgan.

Sal from Sydney suggests the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. "It's an exciting, unique experience for local and overseas visitors where you can see the whole of the iconic harbour and surrounds."

Keen to tick it off your Sydney bucket-list? Visit www.bridgeclimb.com.

Travelzoo Tip 69: The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia's iconic experiences. Photo credit: © Tourism and Events Queensland © Photographer Darren Jew.

Mitch from Griffith  describes scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef is the "most amazing thing I have done throughout my travels in Australia".

If you'd like to snorkel or dive on the reef, check out VisitCairns.com.

Travelzoo Tip 79: Visit the Kangaroo Sanctuary, Northern Territory

The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs is one of the best places to get up close and personal with the country's favorite marsupial. Photo credit: ©The Kangaroo Sanctuary.

Bill from Darwin recommends visiting the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs. “You can't come to Alice Springs and not do a tour of the Kangaroo Sanctuary. The tour exceeded all our expectations. Brolga is an excellent guide and is happy to answer any questions and there are plenty of opportunities to interact with the kangaroos.”

Visit The Kangaroo Sanctuary to find out more.

Travelzoo Tip 86: Wave Rock, Western Australia

Wave Rock is a natural rock formation that is shaped like a tall breaking ocean wave. Photo credit: ©Tourism Western Australia.

David from Newtown recommends visiting Wave Rock: “Most people that go to Wave Rock admire its amazing formation from ground level. Take the track to the top and walk on it – it gives you an amazing perspective of how big it is and the views are great."

If you'd like to experience it for yourself, visit www.waverock.com.

Travelzoo Tip 90: Magnetic Island, Tropical North Queensland

Magnetic Island's highlights include secluded beaches, incredible wildlife and easy access to the Great Barrier Reef. Photo credit: © Tourism & Events Queensland ©Amber Toms.

Nina  from Queensland recommends visiting Magnetic Island in Tropical North Queensland. “It’s just so relaxing – there is heaps to do, or you can just swim and sit under a tree. Plus there’s great food and perfect weather all year round.”

You can check out Australia.com's guide to Magnetic Island here.

Travelzoo Tip 92: Kalbarri, Western Australia

Kalbarri's most popular quad bike and beach buggy tour along Wagoe Beach. Photo credit: ©Tourism Western Australia.

Brenda from Mandurah recommends visiting Kalbarri (WA). She describes it as "a gorgeous, unspoiled, seaside town, surrounded by spectacular bush and gorges".

Kalbarri.org.au provides a comprehensive guide of where to stay and what to do in the region.

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