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Chart your own course.

Maui's beaches are legend, and you may know Oahu, home to Hawaii's capital. But did you know there are six islands you can visit? From Molokai's rugged, unspoiled vistas to Kauai's rainforest and canyons, each has a distinct flavour. Don't deny yourself the variety -- in Hawaii, island hopping is every bit as epic as it sounds.

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Embrace the aloha spirit.

Aloha isn't just a word for "hello," it's a way of life that filters into how Hawaiians treat their minds, hearts and one another. The spirit of aloha permeates Hawaii's culture, music, art, dance, cuisine and festivals. Discover why the islands feel so unlike any other U.S. state, and bring some aloha back home with you.

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Never a dull moment.

Name a thrill and chances are you can find it. Want to surf into the sunset? You got it. Feel like zip lining across a waterfall on the Island of Hawaii? No problem. You don't even need to be an athlete to go on an adventure -- try touring the ocean floor in a submarine or soaring above Waikiki in a helicopter.

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Love is in the air.

How do you define quality time? Perhaps it's conquering summits as a couple on Maui. Maybe it's honeymooning at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai. It might be as simple as eating grilled fish on the beach as the sun sets over the Pacific. One thing is certain: Hawaii has a knack for bringing couples closer together.

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Bring the keiki.

Travel opens our eyes to the world, and Hawaii abounds with unique experiences for your "keiki" (little ones). Meet wildlife at the Maui Ocean Center, take hula lessons, step inside a Pearl Harbor submarine, learn to body board or tour a macadamia nut farm on Molokai. Family time never felt so formative.

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