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So far, yet so close.

With its Atlantic allure and peaceful pace, Bermuda can feel a world away. But it's closer than you think: Just three hours nonstop from Toronto. There's rarely been a better excuse for a jaunt -- the island's top hotels are offering a free night with select stays through August. Rates are displayed in U.S. dollars.

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Water great time.

Bermudians love spending time on the water -- and if you had a coastline like this, wouldn't you? Natural residue from coral and shells lend some beaches a pink hue, while brilliant blue waters are ideal for sailing and water sports. And with summer temperatures around 30 degrees, the weather is perfect for taking a plunge.

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Uncover the mystique.

Bermuda beckons beyond the beach, and adventures await those who take time to explore. Hike through the jungle to underground caves. Paddle a clear-bottomed kayak and discover hidden marine life. Bike along the path of a forgotten railway. Spot giant crabs at an old NASA site. The only thing that's certain is every day is a surprise.

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Dinner meets party.

Whatever your taste, Bermuda brings the flavour. British, Caribbean, African, Native American and Portuguese influences shape the cuisine, from island specialties like grilled wahoo fish to a Dark 'n Stormy®, the go-to cocktail. After dinner, the party keeps going on Hamilton's Front Street, home to live jazz, reggae and calypso.

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PGA Tour-approved.

Bermuda's 55 square kilometres are home to six golf courses, more per capita than anywhere else in the world. Many top players have tried their luck on the links, and this year the island will host its first official PGA Tour event. The only problem? The setting is so spectacular, it can be hard to keep an eye on the ball.

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