Why the Fairmont Mayakoba is a Resort Unicorn

Dec 31, 2020

Let’s be honest, we all know that there are tiers of luxury resorts.

There are some luxury resorts that wear the 5-star status but leave you saying, “That was great but not worth the price.” Others raise the bar and give way to remarks like, “Wow, that really was outstanding service.” And then there are the resort unicorns that leave you speechless.

The Fairmont Mayakoba is a resort unicorn, and here are a few reasons why.

The resort is dedicated to environmentalism — so much so that even the pathways were thoughtfully designed to preserve the surrounding mangrove forests.

Because of the property’s commitment to preservation, the grounds’ pristine condition sets the bar for luxury resorts. A few years ago, the Fairmont completed a beach restoration project, adding on another 98 feet of white-sand shoreline — officially giving the resort bragging rights for having the largest beach within the community.

Out of the whole of Riviera Maya, the best dining is found in Mayakoba. It’s a gastronomic dream — and that’s not an understatement. 

Travelzoo Tip: Mayakoba residents have restaurant access to any of the properties within the development, but Fairmont is where people flock for flavour.  

Guests can observe the vast mangrove ecosystem by boat through the labyrinth of canals snaking around the property. Be sure to keep an eye out for fellow guests. Alligators, spider monkeys, coati and a variety of bird species love the resort just as much as humans.

The Fairmont’s commitment to the earth follows its way indoors, as evident by the interior design choices in each of the guest rooms. Floor-to-ceiling windows and wide balconies allow for optimal views of the landscape. Rich dark wood furnishings, airy high ceilings and natural marble baths are just some of the luxurious nods to nature.

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