Where Will Travelzoo Deal Experts Go Next?

Dec 1, 2020

As Deal Experts, we're exposed to new places each and every day, and it's our job to stoke the imagination and provide an outlet to the world. From hidden gems in our hometown to far-flung locales on the other side of the world, the impulse to wander never loses its lustre. And, in times like these, the idea of travel has never elicited such a wide range of emotions.

The excitement that comes with researching a destination, planning a trip, experiencing a place and meeting new people — and helping you, our Travelzoo members, do the same — is what compels us to continue bringing you the very best travel inspiration each week.

To help keep the dream of travel alive and well, we tapped our Deal Experts to find out the places they have on their radars.

Phuket, Thailand

"My husband and I are both well-travelled, so we're always looking for new places to go. When an amazing Travelzoo deal for Phuket came up, we had no excuse to not buy the voucher. While we’re thrilled to spend a week enjoying the amenities and beach at the beautiful Eden Beach Resort, we’re most excited to speak with the locals and get on-the-spot advice on how to spend our second week exploring like a true Phuketian. After months of isolation and distancing, we can almost hear the bustle of the Naka Night Market, and sights like the Shrine of the Serene Light and Bangla Road are like visions of sugar plums! Needless to say, the excitement is palpable." — Mandy Michals


"Colombia has everything from beautiful beaches to wild Amazon jungle, from Aztec ruins to colonial towns. The food looks incredible and the streets are splattered with amazing colours. It seems like a place full of life and excitement. I want to explore the route from Cartagena to Medellin, and I can’t wait to take a day trip to Playa Blanca and Baru Island to relax on the sandy beaches. I want to visit the Colombian Andes to see the world’s tallest palm tree forest. I can’t wait to experience the nightlife and dancing." — Sammy Bulgatz


"I binged the show 'Emily in Paris' all in one night and it brought back so many memories of when I lived in France a few years ago. I would love to go back to Paris and reconnect with old friends, indulge in all the freshly baked croissants and local wines. There is something magical about the City of Lights that never gets old and I frequently find myself daydreaming about my next trip back. Maybe I will take a workcation and work remotely from a sidewalk cafe? The ultimate dream!" — Lilia Akhavan

Oaxaca, Mexico

"Next on my list is a two-week vacation in Oaxaca, Mexico. I want to spend my mornings at a Spanish language school to dust off a decade-dormant skill and spend my afternoons snacking on the tlayudas and tacos that my husband made during that day's cooking class. We fell in love with Oaxacan cuisine on a street food tour in Mexico City. Oaxacan staples like huitlacoche (a corn fungus) and chapulines (grasshoppers) are tastier than they sound!" — Brittney Wong

Southwest U.S.

"My next dream vacation is a trip to the national parks in the Southwest U.S. The canyons, deserts and mountain landscapes are unlike anywhere else. The plan is to rent an RV and hit the road to visit the incredible sights in Utah, Nevada and Arizona. We'll do some hiking in the Grand Canyon, followed by a visit to Zion, Bryce Canyon and Arches national parks in Utah, where we can sleep under the stars and enjoy a relaxing beer by the fire at night after a long day of hiking and exploring." — Matt Gilbert


"My dream destination is Laos, returning to where I was born. The culture and people make this place special. It's a country with wide-open expanses but small enough to cover on a weeklong trip. Once there, I'd explore the night markets and indulge in all of the street food that I could get my hands on." — Sou Tangkhapanya


"Poland's tourist star is rising and the country is part of my heritage. It's steeped in history and tradition and it also happens to be one of the most cost-effective countries to visit in Europe. Poland boasts 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beautiful forests, mountains and lakes. Beyond the plentiful cultural experiences, it's also fun to know that Polish people love to party." — Carolyn Sadler


"I would like to go to Singapore. I’ve always wanted to go because it's so clean and modern with an interesting mix of culture. I also want to see the supertrees and eat at those famous food stalls with Michelin stars. Maybe even one of their small islands for a day trip. Apparently one is a turtle sanctuary." — William Brown

Bali & Mentawai Islands

"Although a lot of places jockey for the top spot on my bucket list — Japan, Iceland and Brazil, to name a few — 2020 has left me feeling more meh than marvellous and I'm dreaming about Bali for a mental and physical break. It's hard to resist its allure when we've seen such ridiculously affordable deals. My ideal getaway would consist of a balance of self-pampering with time to explore the beautiful, temple-studded hills and surf the world-class waves. Since it's not every day that you jet-set around the world, I'd also try to sneak in a side trip to the Mentawai Islands, the holy grail of endless surf breaks in a pristine setting that feels like it's at the edge of the world." — Dean Seguin

Fairmont Mayakoba, Playa del Carmen

"I bought Travelzoo vouchers for a weeklong, all-inclusive stay at the Fairmont Mayakoba in Mexico. I was so excited about this deal that my best friend ended up buying it, too, so I’m hoping we’ll all go sometime next fall or winter. I miss everything about travel, but especially swimming in the ocean, looking at the ocean and listening to the ocean. Whatever trips I take next year (hopefully more than one), chances are they’ll involve the ocean." — Susan Catto


"Since I first laid eyes on images of the ancient city of Petra carved into walls of rose-coloured sandstone I have been captivated. It's staggering to me that such a beautiful marvel could have been built as early as the fifth century B.C. and I just have to see it with my own eyes. Upon landing in Jordan’s capital, Amman, I'd explore the city by foot, tasting food and discovering architecture like the Roman Theatre. Then I'd spend at least two days with a guide touring the UNESCO Heritage Site of Petra and its canyons, tombs and viewpoints. The next stop would be Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert. I can picture myself and my family bounding over sand dunes in a 4x4 through the desert and arriving at a Bedouin camp. We would enjoy a barbecue dinner and stuff ourselves with meats and other local dishes while enjoying a belly-dancing show under the stars. We would camp among the dunes and awake the next day smiling from the once-in-a-lifetime experience we just had." — Darren Moore

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