We Asked 10 Celebrities for Tips to Travel More Meaningfully and Here's What They Told Us

Oct 1, 2018

Travelzoo has partnered with WE to make travel more meaningful. This post is part of a series we're doing to explore the different ways travel can change lives around the world --  including yours!

WE Day Toronto was wildly successful by whatever standard you choose – consciousness raised, good deeds rewarded, inspiration provided -- or even decibel levels achieved. (There were, after all, 20,000 students and educators at Scotiabank Arena cheering for some of the most popular activists, musicians, actors and YouTube stars around today.)

WE Day – iterations of which are held in 17 cities around the world – is the brainchild of WE co-founders Craig and Marc Kielburger. Students earn their tickets through good works, and spend an action-packed day learning how people like them are tackling projects as diverse as anti-bullying initiatives in Toronto and clean water campaigns in Kenya. The event always attracts a stellar team of celebrity presenters and performers, and September’s extravaganza in Toronto was no exception.

Travelzoo has partnered with WE to make travel more meaningful, so we asked the visiting stars about their favourite places to travel, their top tips for staying happy on the road, and what makes travel meaningful for them. Here’s what they had to say.

Lilly Singh (YouTube star, author and Girl Love Founder)

Photo: Chris Young


On the power of travel: “I recently went to Ecuador with WE. It was extremely meaningful because I met a million people and I learned amazing things -- but I was also outside of my comfort zone. I was in the middle of the jungle and I actually stepped up to the plate. I realized that when you travel places, you are put in situations where you learn so much about yourself -- and it’s really important to do that.”

What keeps her happy on the road: “I always travel with a pillow – a full-size pillow. I’m that person on the plane. It keeps me from getting homesick.”

Adam Devine (Actor)


Favourite place to travel: Italy. I don’t like going there, though, because I went there, and I gained like, 25 pounds in a week. My head was so fat. You know those cartoons where they make the heads super-big and the body normal-sized? That’s what happened.”

Top packing tip: “Don’t bring a lot of stuff, because you never wear it all. You end up wearing the same shirt over and over and just washing it in a sink. Just wash your clothes in a sink and travel very light.”

Margaret Trudeau (Activist)

Favourite destination: I really like Canada, I travel the whole country -- but when I want to really relax, I need to be by the sea.

Travel wardrobe advice: “Keep it simple and have a whole stack of clean white shirts. There’s something about putting on a clean white shirt when you’re travelling that makes you feel better.”

The romance of travel: “An airport excites me every time I get to one, even if I’m just going to Medicine Hat to give a speech, because it’s a change, it’s a new place, it’s new faces. I think we have to be very accepting as well of others, and smells and noises when we travel. It can be irritating – but I just love it all.”

Jacob Tremblay (Actor)

Photo: Chris Young

Favourite place to travel: Probably home -- there’s no place like home. All my friends are there and that’s where my school is.

Packing must-haves: When I went to London -- I was filming a movie there -- I brought a suitcase full of Lucky Charms, ramen noodles and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I had a pretty good time.

LaurDIY (YouTube star)

Ultimate destination: “I think Bora Bora is my favourite. That’s where I really got to disconnect the most I’ve ever disconnected in my entire life and step back from everything. 

Never flies without: “Blankets! I’m like a cold person and just layer on the sweaters and the travel blanket.”

Max Kerman (Arkells lead singer)

Won’t travel without: “Noise-cancelling headphones. Those crying babies on the plane -- they get rid of those.”

Why travel is meaningful to him: “It keeps things in perspective. You can kind of get wrapped up in your own little problems, and then you go to travel somewhere else and you think, it’s a big old world, everybody’s working through their issues. That’s kind of a nice thing to think about."

Olivia Holt (Actor)

Most meaningful journey: “I went on a trip last year with ME to WE to Kenya and it was one of the most life-changing experiences. I went to help other people and to make their community feel like a better place, not realizing how much they were going to impact me and change my heart and my mind and my perspective."

Travel secret: "Bringing a little bit of home with you, whether that’s a candle or a book or a blanket.”

Spencer West (ME to WE motivational speaker, author and mental health advocate)

Most meaningful destination: “Kenya. I’ve spent the last five summers there hosting our trips. That’s where I went when I first got involved with WE. I went on a trip there and I was so enamoured by the work that I saw that I left my job in the United States to come work here."

Always travels with: “A journal. I know not everybody’s into writing, but I think it’s important to have something to jot a few notes down. Trips can be so overwhelming that you forget things, so to keep those memories alive I like to write them down.”

 Millie Davis (Actor)

Favourite place: "I loved South Africa. It’s so beautiful, the weather was so nice, and we got to do a lot of fun things. Definitely go to the cheetah zoo, because you can pet cheetahs and they’re so amazing and cute.

In her carry-on: "I have this little heart container that my grandma gave me, and it has a heart from my mom, and it always reminds me of her when she’s not with me."

Marc Kielburger (WE Co-founder)

Craig (L) and Marc Kielburger  Photo: Chris Young

Dream destination: "My favourite place in the entire world is Kenya. I’ve been there many times, I have a seven-year daughter who’s been there 14 times as well. She absolutely loves it. It's about having a chance to interact meaningfully with the community, having the chance to spend time in the different culture, new food – and just lovely people are a big part."

Travel tip: "If you are going to amazing locations and destinations, bring your kids it’s the most amazing thing you can give to them, because they will truly become global citizens."

As our interviews made clear, travel can be meaningful in many ways. Why not challenge yourself to travel more meaningfully on your next trip? It could make a big difference to others -- and to you.

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