Travelzoo Best Bets 2024

Travelzoo Best Bets 2024
Nov 22, 2023

Travelzoo's Best Bets are the destinations that should be on Canadians' travel radar in 2024. In making our picks, we looked at elements like flights (are they direct from Canada?), value and, above all, best-in-class experiences for visitors. Here are our five picks for Canadian travellers looking to make the most of their vacations in the New Year.


Peru is a diverse destination for adventure-seekers, food-lovers and the culturally curious. You've likely heard travellers rave about Machu Picchu, the busy modern streets of Lima, the lush Amazon rainforest and the abundant hiking options. Peru is also considered one of the top culinary destinations in the world for its progressive fusion restaurants.

Find out all about this exceptional destination (and how to get there with new direct Air Transat flights) in our special feature on Peru

The Bahamas

Our Best Bet for a Caribbean holiday in 2024 is really 700+ options in one: The Islands of the Bahamas. Here, you’ll find endless beaches as well as incredible boating, fishing and diving opportunities. With direct flights from Montreal, Toronto and Calgary to Nassau—and plenty of opportunities to island-hop once you arrive—you'll be on the beaches of the Bahamas before you know it.

We've prepared a whole feature about things you can do in the Bahamas. In no particular order, these include: swimming with pigs, sharks and stingrays; honeymooning or travelling with multiple generations; scuba-diving; and meeting local Bahamians through the country's People-to-People program.


Our U.S. pick, Nevada, is the road trip capital of America with sights you'll never see in Canada. Rent a car, head out of Las Vegas or Reno and discover what the Silver State has to offer. You can visit ghost towns, check out state parks, discover free-range art installations and visit quirky sights and historic saloons on the road from Lake Tahoe to Reno to Las Vegas. it’s easy to plan your own journey with our detailed, lavishly photographed feature on Roadtripping Nevada.


From lively Lisbon and Porto to the lush Douro Valley and the pristine beaches of the Algarve, Portugal is our top pick for a European vacation in 2024. Go for the architecture, for the wine, for the culture, for the ocean...or any combination! Canadian tour company Wingbuddy has a number of itineraries that take the hassle out of planning and let you pack as much Portugal as possible into your itinerary.

Read more about what you can see and do in Portugal in our new showcase, Portugal: the unsung vacation hero of Europe.  



Finally, for your next vacation within Canada, head to Halifax. The Nova Scotia capital has a vibrant downtown core surrounded by ocean and nature. It's famous for its restaurants (featuring the freshest catches) and breweries, and it's the perfect jumping-off point to tour the Maritimes. In 2024, Halifax will host a week of music activities for Junos Week (March 20-24), and from June 28 - July 1, you can catch special air shows celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Whether you come for the events, the seafood, the surfing or just the friendly culture, you'll feel at home in Halifax.

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