150 Travelzoo Tips: #71-80

Dec 31, 2017

 Tip 71: Make the Most of Gros Morne National Park, NFLD

In her guest blog, Parm Parmar of Planet Blue Adventure shares advice on a trip to this stunning site.

Tip 72: Plan to Attend the Folklorama festival in Winnipeg

Photo: Darcy Finley, courtesy of Folklorama.

"It is so much fun to learn about the histories and traditions of various cultures, and it's also great to have a taste of the community. In Winnipeg, the summer festival Folklorama allows individuals to visit many of the cultures of people who have immigrated to Canada with a variety of pavilions that have displays, entertainment and foods."

-- Member Isabel

Tip 73: Spend some time in Stratford, Ontario

It has everything you need to find peace: a historic downtown with picturesque shops, restaurants that offer delicious local food, art festivals and of course theatre. There’s also an amazing lakeshore, as well as parks, bridges, flowers and swans. It is an authentic Canadian town full of kind, lovely people.  -- Member Dilek

Tip 74: Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park, Pinewa, Manitoba

"It’s a beautiful historic location showcasing a defunct old hydro dam, which resembles Roman ruins. The Trans Canada Trail runs through the park, and it’s a great place for a hike or picnic. Make sure to bring your camera."

-- Member Carol

 Tip 75: Go Boating on the Rideau Canal, Ontario

"The water is clean and warm at this World Heritage Site, and there’s abundant wildlife, beautiful rock faces and historic inns. The locks on the canal are hand-operated for the most part, and the people are so friendly."
-- Member Joan

Tip 76: Check out the Big Nickel in Sudbury, Ontario

"The Science North science centre is the best, and there are lakes and nature to enjoy all year round." 

--Member Cathy


Tip 77: Eat a Lobster Roll from Atlantic Canada

"Sandwiches don't get much more Canadian than the red-and-white lobster roll!" -- Member Jennifer

Tip 78: See the Northern Lights

Yellowknife Northern Lights. Flickr Photo by GoToVan

Tip 79: See Canadian Sites Named for the Queen

In a guest blog, Queen and Country, Alison Eastwood of Hello! Canada takes us to places bearing the Queen's name.

Tip 80: See Carcross Desert, the World's Smallest Desert 

"The world’s smallest desert (at 2.6 km. sq.) is near Carcross, Yukon, between Whitehorse and Skagway." -- Member Greg

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