150 Travelzoo Tips: #61-70

Dec 31, 2017

Tip 61: Visit McCrae House in Guelph, Ont.

"This is a fascinating look at the life and times of John McCrae, the author of "In Flanders Fields." Close by you can visit the awesome edifice of the Church of Our Lady, which overlooks Guelph, then pop next door to the Civic Museum, which is the converted nunnery and offers some amazing artifacts and insight to Guelph's history. The old Albion Hotel directly across the street offers great food and drinks to sustain you after all that sightseeing." -- Member Sandra

Tip 62: Mont-Tremblant National Park in the Laurentians, Quebec      

“Great wilderness, rivers, kayak rentals, camping and lots of hiking. There’s no better place to see some wildlife and go fishing.” - Member Brian

Tip 63: See Big Axe in Nackawic, N.B.

This is the biggest axe in the world. There’s a nice little park and a playground, and a three-kilometre nature trail along the river.” -- Member Stephen

Tip 64: Stop to Smell the Roses at the Montreal Botanical Garden

"Whether you’re visiting a special exhibit indoors, strolling through the spectacular outdoor gardens or sitting under a tree with a good book and enjoying the solace of nature, these gardens are not to be missed."

-- Member Rosalia

Tip 65: Savour a Lobster Bake by the Ocean

In the final installment of our special report, We're Riding Shotgun on Chuck and Danny's Road Trip, the two chefs show us how to enjoy lobster right on the beach in PEI.

Tip 66: Check out the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden, Man.

Photo: Travel Manitoba

“It's the home of Bruce, a 13-metre mosasaur skeleton, and many other treasures.” -- Member Lesley

 Tip 67: Tour the Old Port of Montreal

"Go for its diversity and many hidden stores and restaurants. Also, the cobblestone streets give the area an old-world feel." - Member Vincent

Tip 68: Stroll the Beach at La Grave, Magdalen Island, Que.

"There are nice restaurants on the wharf. The most beautiful and less windy beach is nearby. This sandy beach is covered by fine white sand that looks like salt. By Aug. 15, tourists are gone and the water is warm. It is paradise on earth." -- Member Diane

Tip 69: Drive the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

"It’s a natural Canadian gem. On the Cabot Trail, you’ll experience the convergence of land, sea and sky. At some point on your journey, you must turn off the engine of your vehicle and stand outside and listen. While the visuals may be stunning, so is the orchestration of the sounds emanating from those three sources, resulting in a truly soulful experience."

-- Member Alf

Tip 70: Swim at Little Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan

"Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan is the Dead Sea of Canada. The mineral-enriched lake water has health benefits and healing properties. Locals say 'even a goat can float,' as the water is so salty that you don’t sink. There’s a world-class spa and a mineral pool as well. -- Member Sharon

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