Travelzoo Tips: #141-150

Dec 31, 2017

Tip 141: Explore Okotoks Erratic (Big Rock), Alta.

"Set in the foothills of Alberta with the Rockies in the background, it’s a beautiful sight to see! Take a short stroll and enjoy it for all its natural and Aboriginal history. From there you can visit many nearby towns. Calgary is also just minutes away." -- Travelzoo member Bryan

Tip 142: See Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Sask.

"Saskatchewan doesn't have a lot of big cities or old buildings, but what we do have in abundance is nature, from prairie wheat fields to valleys to forests. Many who drive through the province never leave the TransCanada Highway, and all they see is bald, flat prairie lands, but if you venture off, you are in for a treat. Cypress Hills has golfing, zip lining, hiking, swimming and stargazing. There is camping, a hotel and cabins to choose from so you only have to be as outdoorsy as you’re comfortable with. And I promise, lying on a blanket stargazing with your loved ones with next to no light pollution is worth the trip." -- Travelzoo member Nadine

Tip 143: Take a 'two-nation vacation' in Campobello Island, N.B.

"You can cross a small bridge to enter Lubec, Maine. Campobello is home of the Roosevelt family’s must-see estate." -- Travelzoo member HeidiRenee

Tip 144: Tour Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba

"Beautiful, crystal-clear lakes, great scenery, peaceful lapping waves, loons calling to each other. All of this is within an hour and a half of Winnipeg. Whiteshell has also got great hiking trails, beaches, golfing, trail riding and lots of other stuff to explore." -- Travelzoo member Sheri

Tip 145: Take a Floe Edge tour in Nunavut

Photo: Hans G. Pfaff/Nunavut Tourism
"See whales, seals, walruses and birds converge 'where open sea meets the frozen sea [in] one of the most dramatic and dynamic ecosystems on Earth' (Nunavut Tourism)." -- Travelzoo staffer Susan

Tip 146: Visit The Wooden Boat Museum in Winterton, N.L.

"The museum is a step back in time to when small boats were essential to the people of Newfoundland. It also offers summer workshops on-site for dory building." -- Travelzoo member Ann

Tip 147: Take a Flyer on Abbotsford International Airshow

"Witness impressive flying and take the opportunity to view assorted aircraft up close. There’s plenty of crowd excitement and energy." -- Travelzoo member Sandra

Tip 148: Celebrate at Confederation Park in Calgary

"Confederation Park in northwest Calgary has picnic areas, playgrounds, a public golf course, a wetland area and great toboggan hills in the winter." -- Travelzoo member Susan

Tip 149: See the birthplace of Confederation

Canada's 150th year is a good time to see Province House in Charlottetown, P.E.I. You can't tour the building right now, but you can visit the Story of Confederation exhibit next door at the Confederation Centre of the Arts.

Tip 150: Celebrate Canada Day on Parliament Hill

Ottawa is the spectacular epicentre of Canada Day celebrations. Plan to pay a visit on July 1, or pay tribute to this amazing country in your own community -- fireworks optional!

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