150 Travelzoo Tips: #101-110

Dec 31, 2017

Tip 101: Canoe or Go Antiquing in Waterford, Ont.

"They have the Waterford Antique Market and trails that take you by ponds, where you can launch your own canoe. You can walk over the old black bridge and get a beautiful view; it's stunning." -- Member Melissa

Tip 102: See the Geology of Gabriola Island, B.C.

"Malaspina Galleries, a natural rock formation, is unique and never fails to delight visitors to our island." -- Member Janice

Tip 103: For the World's Best Stargazing, Head to Quebec

Photo by Guillaume Poulin

In a guest blog, travel writer Solmaz, The Curious Creature tells us about the world’s first International Dark Sky Reserve.

Tip 104: Leg it to the Giant Squid sculpture in Glovers Harbour, Nfld.

It's a replica of a creature caught nearby in 1878 and certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest squid in the world. The squid is "one of many giant quirky statues across our country. They range from funny animals to everyday items that make each city or town special. I wish I could visit them all!"-- Member Jacqueline

Tip 105: Visit the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver

"It has some of the best Bill Reid pieces on display, and a beautiful outdoor exhibit of First Nations artifacts." -- Member Richard

Tip 106: See the Flowers at Ottawa's Ornamental Gardens

"The Ornamental Gardens at the Central Experimental Farm should definitely be on the list when visiting Ottawa. Access to the Gardens is free from dawn to dusk, and great collections of specimens of roses, lilacs, irises and many perennials are there for everyone’s viewing pleasure."

Tip 107: Get a Glimpse of Grouse Mountain, B.C.


"Everywhere people travel, they seek out tall viewpoints such as the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower. I think we are very spoiled in Vancouver -- we have one of the most spectacular natural viewpoints of the city in Grouse Mountain, a truly world class attraction. I will never forget the first time I experienced it." -- Member  Curtis

Tip 108: Ride a Mountain Coaster in Revelstoke, B.C.

In a guest blog, Randy Sharman, host of the weekly radio program The Informed Traveler, shares the rush of riding one of the more unusual coasters in Canada.

Tip 109: Relax at Alexander Muir Park in Toronto

"It's named after the man who composed 'The Maple Leaf Forever.' The summer garden is beautiful -- it's a beautiful park in the middle of the city." -- Member Imelda

Tip 110: Discover Victoria Island, Nunavut

Photo: Fritz Mueller and Nunavut Tourism

Happy Victoria Day! Did you know Nunavut's Victoria Island (also called Kitlineq) is the eighth-largest island in the world? Plan a visit for the unforgettable scenery, arctic wildlife and friendly people of Cambridge Bay and other communities.

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