The Top 2016 Wow Deal Destinations for Canadians

Jan 12, 2016
The declining loonie has hit Canadian travellers hard but that doesn’t mean you have to put your vacation plans on hold. Travelzoo has released its annual list of Wow Deal Destinations for Canadians, showcasing where you can get the best bang for your buck in 2016.

While you may see other “top vacations” lists circulating in the media, our list is unique. It’s geared to Canadians: factoring in our economic situation, currency exchanges and travel trends specific to this year. We’ve done extensive research, held copious team debates and came up with five destinations for which we think Canadians will see fantastic deals in 2016. Consider this your budget bucket list.

Iceland | China | Poland | Rio de Janeiro | Dominican Republic

We based our Wow destination choices on two primarily factors:

Where the Loonie Can Soar

The Canadian dollar may be at its lowest level since 2003, but there are still countries where you can find a good deal. The drop has meant that countries like the U.S., once an obvious and inexpensive vacation for many Canadians, and England, another perennial favourite, are no longer worth it when you factor in the exchange rate.

Still, we know that the low loonie hasn’t diminished Canadians’ hunger to travel abroad so we’ve searched and found some great, maybe less obvious, international destinations where the dollar is either on par or the cost of living is favourable enough to take the sting out of the currency conversion.

More seats means more deals

Several airlines have either announced new operations or added flights in Canada for 2016 and that’s great news for Canadian travellers. Discount airlines like Wow Air caused an online buying frenzy when they announced last October that it would begin operating out of Canada this year. Other airlines are taking notice, offering more competitive rates and making travelling to Europe easier, and less expensive, than ever before. Likewise, countries where we have seen recent hotel building booms will have to offer deals in low-season to maintain occupancy.

Yes, we have done the research. After weighing all the factors, these are the destinations with deals that we believe will “wow” Canadians in 2016.




Rio de Janeiro 

Dominican Republic

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