Los Cabos & Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: beach vacation guide for Canadians

Jul 28, 2022

Los Cabos is a stunning combination of desert, beaches and mountains. The tip of Mexico's Baja California peninsula, it consists of three different districts: Cabo San Lucas (popular with surfers),  San Jose del Cabo, full of colonial architecture and great snorkelling spots, and the Tourist Corridor, with acres of beautifully maintained golf courses, upscale hotels and luxury villas.

Renowned for its luxury resorts co-owned by Hollywood stars and celebrity chefs, Los Cabos is a premium Mexican beach destination. But our deal experts have found well-reviewed all-inclusive resorts for under $1200 per person per week, and sometimes 5-star resort deals exclusively for Travelzoo members. Whether you are looking for a last-minute Mexico vacation, or ideas for your next all-inclusive holiday stay, Los Cabos offers plenty. 

Things to do in Los Cabos

Travelzoo tip: Hugged by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Gulf of California on the east, Los Cabos is great for divers but has surprisingly few swimmable beaches because the undertow is so strong. Divers rave about the underwater sand falls in Cabo, where the cascading "waterfall" of sand is a stunning sight.

There is still plenty to do at Los Cabos: from snorkeling among the coral reefs, exhilarating ATV tours across the desert, to whale spotting off the coast and more. 

If you do visit Cabo, make time to visit El Arco, a natural stone arch located at Lands End, and consider booking a tour to swim with whale sharks: they migrate past the coast of the Baja Peninsula every November to April.  Playa de los Amantes/Playa del Amor and Playa del Divorcia are two of Cabo's must-visit beaches. While the waves are strong, you can swim at "Lovers Beach,"  but swimming is strictly prohibited at "Divorce Beach."

Pile a 4x4 with food, drinks and beach towels, and drive off to the remote Playa La Palmas, or head off to Medano Beach for the crowds and buzz of activity. We like to visit Playa Balandra, dubbed "the most beautiful in a series of beaches north of La Paz" by the Lonely Planet. This quiet cove of stunning white sand is a secluded slice of paradise. While you're here, take a photo of Mushroom rock. 

Playa Los Cerritos, located near Todos Santos, is a popular spot for surfing, while Isla Espiritu Santo, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, is an amazing contrast of sea, desert and volcanic rock formations. It is a highly regarded eco-tourism destination, but you’ll need to book a guided tour to visit.

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