Why Disney's Pandora - The World of Avatar is a Can't-Miss for Every Type of Traveller

May 23, 2018

You don’t have to have seen James Cameron's blockbuster movie AVATAR to be swept up in the lush landscape and magical, mystical feel of Pandora - The World of Avatar, the latest enhancement to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Fla. Inspired by the Academy Award-winning film, Pandora - The World of Avatar is an immersive 12-acre landscape of otherworldly foliage, floating mountains and bioluminescent rainforests. There, the peaceful Na'vi people (and those unforgettable banshees) have laid down the welcome mat to earthly visitors; the action is set about a generation after AVATAR's human-Na'vi conflict.

The much-anticipated land recently opened. While there’s always been a dazzling array of attractions at Walt Disney World -- where Disney’s Animal Kingdom is joined by Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios -- the addition of Pandora - The World of Avatar adds an all-new twist to the iconic vacation destination.

Here are the four types of travellers we think Pandora - The World of Avatar will appeal to most -- plus our tips on the other places in Walt Disney World they won't want to miss.

The Dreamer

Little eyes will widen while adults will feel their imaginations inspired anew as they behold the floating mountains, hear the ethereal voice of the Na’vi Shaman of Songs and smell the fragrance of blossoms never seen on planet Earth.

Pandora - The World of Avatar is the ultimate movie-come-to-life, a world first realized in CGI and made real against all odds and expectations. It’s a creative undertaking that leveraged the talents of digital design artists, structural engineers and robotics technicians to create the seamless, immersive experience that Walt Disney World is famous for.  Tip: Dreamers will also love seeing the silver screen brought to life at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The Thrill-Seeker

As adrenalin-spiking adventures go, it’s hard to beat Avatar Flight of Passage, a chance to experience what it would be like to soar and dive across the exotic moonscape of Pandora on the back of a winged mountain banshee.

Before the flight begins, riders are matched to their own Avatars, one of many creative touches that will thrill fans of the film. (Hey, who knew you looked so good in blue?) In addition to the daring bird’s-eye flight, there’s the family-friendly Na’vi River Journey, a spellbinding cruise through the Pandora landscape that culminates in an unforgettable encounter with the Shaman of Songs. Put both rides on your bucket list! Tip: Want more heart-pounding fun during your trip to Walt Disney World? Don't forget to hit the world-famous thrill rides of Magic Kingdom.

The Nature Lover

The Na'vi River Journey takes visitors through a glowing rainforest canopy rich with exotic plants and compelling creatures. (As you glide down the river in a reed boat, keep an eye out for the six-legged Viperwolf.) A visit to Pandora - The World of Avatar is sure to kindle and renew our desire to protect our own planet. A water purification station is part of the Na’vi’s efforts to restore the balance of nature, for example, while the protection of Pandora’s native creatures is part of the emphasis on conservation and sustainability.

The World Explorer

Cross space travel off your bucket list with a voyage to a land 4.4 million light-years away. Anyone with a love of exploration will be caught up in the immersiveness of Pandora -- The World of Avatar, whether appreciating the way the floating mountains cast shade on sunny days or returning after dusk to appreciate the bioluminescent foliage.

And then there are the truly out-of-this-world dining experiences. The Satu’li Canteen offers Na'vi-inspired dishes with exotic colours and textures (plus some familiar favourites for less adventurous appetites). Tip: The international pavilions of Epcot should be the next stop on the explorer's itinerary.

There’s a little bit of each of these types of travellers in all of us, which is why Pandora - The World of Avatar is sure to be a hit. Step into Pandora - The World of Avatar and you’re steeped in the magic of a distant moon; step out, and you’ve got the four Theme Parks of Walt Disney World at your feet. Pandora - The World of Avatar's location within Disney’s Animal Kingdom and its proximity to Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios ensures that you’ll get maximum fun for your time and money.

Ready to plan a trip? Check out the special offers and deals available and get ready for some out-of-this-world fun.

That allows for a lot of exploring -- and plenty of out-of-this-world fun.

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