A new ticket to Europe awaits this summer

Mar 23, 2023

As you start planning your next European getaway, you might notice the name Condor popping up in your flight search more and more. Well-known in its home country of Germany, Condor Airlines has remained a best-kept secret in Canada — but that is about to change. 

This May, seasonal flights will kick into gear and a new airport, Edmonton, will be added to Condor's roster. Condor currently offers nonstop flights to Frankfurt from Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax and Whitehorse. 

Frankfurt is both a great place to visit, and a perfect jumping-off point for a European vacation. Base yourself there this summer for day trips around Germany or use it to connect to more than 100 destinations in Europe.

Read on to discover more about this new option in transatlantic travel and where it can take you.


Condor’s only nonstop destination from Canada, Frankfurt is always buzzing with activity and events, especially in the summertime. Thanks to its location along the Main River, Germany’s fifth-largest city offers some natural respite from the summer heat. During the warmer months, you’ll see people cycling, skating and strolling along the banks of the river, most likely en route to the various festivals taking place. There’s the Apple Wine Festival (mid-August), the Museum Embankment Festival (Aug. 25-27), the Rheingau Wine Festival (Aug. 30-Sept. 8) and Autumn Dippemess carnival (mid-September).

Spend a few days getting to know Frankfurt. Head to the Kleinmarkthalle and try deep-fried elderflower or bratwurst with a side of Grüne Soße, a local green sauce specialty made of oil, vinegar and fresh herbs. Relax in the Palmengarten, the 54-acre botanical garden, which often hosts dozens of concerts in the summer. Explore the historic part of the city, rebuilt after World War II to recreate the traditional half-timbered buildings that once stood there.

Once you’re in Frankfurt, the (European) world is your oyster with Condor’s hub offering convenient connections to other parts of the continent through its partner airlines. Or plan a bit ahead and save money with Condor’s Rail&Fly service, which allows you to book a budget-friendly train ticket to your German departure airport (which can be anywhere in the country if you plan on exploring it). 

Those striped airplanes

Inspired by beach umbrellas, bath towels and beach chairs, Condor Airlines’ new striped Airbus A330neo planes (in blue, green and beige) will be coming to Toronto this summer and other Canadian runways in 2024. The airline’s goal is to become an unmistakable part of your next vacation – starting with an Instagrammable photo of one of their new planes. But it’s not just the outside that’s making waves; the inside is pretty cool, too.

The Airbus A330neo name alone might not signify much to the average traveler, but in essence it is an upgraded in-flight experience that’s also friendlier to the environment. 

The A330neo planes are equipped with a number of features that come in handy when flying long-haul. They have ambient lighting, quieter cabins, more personal space, larger overhead bins, the ability to offer the latest in-flight entertainment and perhaps, most critically in this day and age, full connectivity while you’re over the ocean. That state-of-the-art cabin air system also comes in handy in a post-pandemic world.

No matter which class you’re in, each seat has an extra holder for a mobile device so you don’t have to hold it while streaming. International routes have a personal screen, and your Bluetooth headphones can also be connected to the aircraft’s in-flight entertainment system. (If you’re wondering, even the lavatories get a facelift, with touchless technology, antibacterial surfaces as well as ambient sound and lighting.)

Your seat onboard

Condor Airlines offers four different fare types: Economy Light (includes only hand baggage), Economy (includes checked baggage), Premium Economy and, for those looking to splurge, Business Class.

Both Premium and Economy classes have a 2-4-2 seat configuration in the cabin and 13.3-inch touchscreen monitors. Premium has more personal space, with an extra four-inch seat pitch as well as a footrest.

Business Class is essentially like relaxing at home, thanks to its 30 lie-flat seats and touchscreen with remote control. (A quick search online for nonstop flights from Toronto to Frankfurt as well shows that Condor’s business seats are also significantly cheaper than other European carriers.) The gourmet meals and complimentary wine, champagne and cocktails just sweeten the deal.   

Being conscious of travellers’ dietary needs, meal choices include classic, kids, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free.

Feel good about flying

More and more, travellers are looking for eco-conscious choices when travelling — especially when flying. The Airbus A330neo flown by Condor is one of the planet-friendliest options in the skies. With its latest generation engines, new wings and aerodynamic innovations, its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced by 20 percent. (In fact, it’s ahead of its time in more ways than one. The Airbus A330neo is the first aircraft certified for CO2 emission reductions, which will be required by 2028.)

Its flight and navigation systems reduce noise pollution by up to 60 percent. Perhaps a stat most relatable to those of us with cars on the ground, the A330neo consumes just 2.1 litres of fuel per passenger for every 100 kilometres flown; the industry average is 2.1 litres for about every 80 kilometres flown.

Stylish and sustainable? Not a bad way to start your European vacation.   

Ready to go? Start searching for your next Condor Airlines flight now.

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