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Jaime Freedman Jaime Freedman
Publisher, U.S. Top 20®
Andrew Young Andrew Young
U.S. Website Editor
Jonathan Jones Jonathan Jones
Associate Publisher, U.S. Top 20®
Hilary Solan Hilary Solan
Senior Copy Editor
Karyn Strauss Karyn Strauss
Associate Publisher, U.S. Newsflash™
Helen Pearson Helen Pearson
Photo Editor
Phil Salcedo Phil Salcedo
Publisher, Local Deals
Stephen Aviano Stephen Aviano
Photo Editor
Kelsey Mesher Kelsey Mesher
Associate Publisher, Local Deals
Jodi Burns Jodi Burns
Director of Hotel Content
Patrick Sisson Patrick Sisson
Associate Publisher, Local Deals
Matt Rehm Matt Rehm
Director of Air Content
Jay Cooke Jay Cooke
Associate Publisher, Local Deals
Darlene Carenza Darlene Carenza
Director of Cruise Content
Gabe Saglie Gabe Saglie
Senior Editor
Debbie Kwok Debbie Kwok
Director of Vacation Content
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