Help with Booking or Resolving a Problem

Dear Travelzoo user:

At Travelzoo, we want your travel experience to be as problem-free as possible. But it’s important to keep in mind that listings of specials and deals on Travelzoo® or in Newsflash™, SuperSearch™ or Top 20® are provided by the respective travel supplier and/or its agents, not Travelzoo. For any questions or problems regarding booking of offers, please contact the travel supplier and/or its agents directly. Please read our disclaimer carefully. Click here to read our disclaimer.

Here is a guide to steps you can take to make sure you have a smooth trip:

Buy travel insurance. This is probably the single most important thing you can do to protect yourself, especially if you’ve booked an expensive itinerary. Costs vary, but average about $85 for a major trip. Some policies will not cover insolvency and some set limits for recovery on that type of claim. You can explore various policies and options at or Some travel operators such as cruise lines also offer optional trip insurance. And insurer AIG maintains a watch list of operators that may be in questionable condition:

Check memberships in professional travel associations. While membership in a professional organization doesn’t guarantee there won’t be problems, the various organizations maintain a code of ethics for members and some will attempt to mediate disputes.

You can check to see if your travel supplier is a member:

The Better Business Bureau, also maintains a list you can access of companies and the number and type of complaints (if any) they have received.

Pay by credit card. The Fair Credit Billing Act gives you a number of protections. You can protest the charge with your credit card issuer when a company does not provide promised services and depending on the circumstances possibly have the charges reversed. Some credit cards also offer trip insurance and other protections or concierge services to help if you have a problem while on a trip. Check with your card issuer for details. Here are some links to get you started: Visa Credit Card Travel Insurance Benefits, Mastercard Credit Card Travel Insurance Benefits and American Express Credit Card Benefits.

Reconfirm trip details. As soon as you receive confirmation from a tour operator, call the airline, cruise line, hotels, etc., to make sure that reservations have been made and are paid in full. If there’s a discrepancy, alert your travel provider.

Keep records. It’s always a good idea to keep copies of all itineraries, receipts, dates and times of phone calls or emails you have had with travel operators. Complete records will expedite matters if you have a problem.

The California Sellers of Travel Act. This bill affords certain additional protection to residents of California. Please see this website for further details.

The Travelzoo Team