May is for Me

The wellness wave

Wellness is more than a trendy buzzword. Practised for thousands of years, it's an ancient solution to life's stresses, prioritising mental, physical and spiritual health in the journey towards a new you. This May, we're bringing you our favourite wellness experiences, plus a wellness retreat competition. Details on the next tab.

Get involved

Staying healthy and focused can be a real balancing act, but practicing wellness is a great way to stay centered. We want to know how you plan to improve your wellness this month -- at home, at work or while out and about. Share your resolution with us for the chance to win a wellness break to Portugal with Wellbeing Escapes.

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Relax and restore

Humans have sworn by the healing powers of nature since first discovering hot springs. Nowadays, spa breaks are a tonic for both mind and body, pairing indulgent treatments in beautiful surroundings with mindful practices to improve your mental health. This goes beyond fluffy bathrobes: you'll return home a healthier and happier you.

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2019's top travel trend

64% of our members are focusing more on health & wellness this year. A wellness break immerses travellers in local culture and unspoilt surroundings, helping them to slow down and make more meaningful connections. You could even learn a new skill: think yoga in a mountaintop monastery, or pasta making in a rustic Tuscan farmhouse.

A chat with James Wallman

James is a trend forecaster and international best-selling author whose work has appeared on BBC 1 and BBC Radio 2. His new book, "Time and How to Spend It", investigates how easy it is to waste our free time, and sets out seven ways to create richer, more fulfilling experiences.

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