Rome Flight Deals

There are more than 15 non-stop flights a day between London and Rome, which means it's easy to get there for a short break. Like many large cities, the areas around the major tourist attractions including the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and the Forum will be more expensive. If you opt for one of the more residential neighbourhoods a bit outside the city centre, you could find yourself saving quite a few euro on your hotel room, as well as meals, if you eat round there, as well. There is plenty of public transport in Rome and taxis are relaitively cheap (and can be quite the experience).

Seasonality also affects hotel and flight prices. The winter is less expensive, but you can also visit in August, when locals tend to flee the heat for their own holidays, if you are up to it. Autumn is particlualry pleasant. Rome tends to be warmer and sunnier than the UK even until November, and crowds will be noticably thinner.

We'd recommend booking tickets online when you can (particulaly for the Colosseum, this can save loads of queuing time), trying cacio e pepe (a local dish with romano cheese and pepper) and visiting the Torre Argentina, a cat sanctuary in sunken ruinis, which also happens to be where Julius Caesar was murdered.

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