Free currency transfers for Travelzoo members

23 Jan 2019

We’ve partnered with TransferWise to help you save on your holiday currency this year.

What is TransferWise?
Manage your holiday money with a bank account that takes the sting out of spending abroad.

TransferWise is a streamlined online money-transfer service that lets you to convert currency cheaply and easily, and dodge commission charges in the process.

Most of us don’t realise that banks make a bonus when customers change currency, marking up exchange rates for a tidy profit while keeping the figures hidden. Step forward the folks at TransferWise, who’ve come up with the perfect way to beat the pesky financial system. By using a network of local bank accounts for their business, TransferWise can charge a low upfront fee and keep the cost of converting currency down.

The facts speak for themselves: TransferWise charges £4 when converting £1,000 to euros, while banks charge £36.

How does it work?
It’s free to join, easy to monitor via a snazzy app and comes with a TransferWise Mastercard that lets you spend abroad with zero transaction fees.

Here are the highlights for travellers:

  • TransferWise lets you hold 40 currencies in your account and switch seamlessly between them
  • Conversion fees are kept low – between 0.35% and 2% – and are always clearly displayed
  • You get a super-fair mid-market exchange rate, with no hidden bank charges
  • The first £200 that you withdraw from ATMs in a 30-day period incurs no fees 

At 8% cheaper than using a high street bank, it’s a money and time saving no-brainer.

Exclusive offer: Travelzoo members receive their first £1000 of currency transfers completely free.


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