Manhattan Local Deals

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The city that never sleeps is home to Broadway productions, world-class sports teams, Michelin-starred restaurants, and some of the world’s best hotels. Visitors can expect a high-energy, fast-paced environment, especially in tourist-heavy areas like Times Square and the High Line. If a low-key pace is what you’re after, head to one of the borough’s meticulously maintained parks or hop on a boat cruise to escape the hustle and bustle. When traveling within the city limits, the subways are almost always a better bet than a cab (hello, traffic!), but make sure to read the signs outside of train stations on weekends when construction tends to upend the schedules. Outside of the grid, Manhattan’s streets can be confusing. Don’t be afraid to ask someone for directions (or better yet, a restaurant recommendation) – New Yorkers’ barks are bigger than their bites – but make sure to step out of the way of foot traffic when you do. There’s nothing worse than being that person people have to dodge while they’re running from point A to point B.

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