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Hotel Bookings

How do I cancel my reservation?

If your voucher purchase or hotel reservation is eligible for a refund or cancellation, you can do it online. Sign in to “My Account,”. Then select “My Purchases” and click the “Cancel” button for hotels or "Get Refund” button for vouchers. We’ll send you a confirmation email as soon as your refund or cancellation is processed.

How do I change my reservation?

Once your reservation is booked, you cannot change it. However, you may be able to cancel it and rebook for the new dates, if your hotel’s cancellation policy allows it. If your reservation is eligible for a cancellation, we recommend you book your new reservation first, before you cancel your existing one, as availability is not guaranteed. Non-refundable reservations cannot be changed or canceled.

Where can I find my cancellation policy?

You will find the Booking Conditions and Cancellation Policy on the payment page (where you enter your credit card information) during the reservation process. If you have an existing reservation, you can find the cancellation policy on your confirmation email or by clicking the "Print Reservation" button in “My Account.”

What does non-refundable mean?

A non-refundable rate is usually a discounted or promotional rate that may be charged in full when you make the reservation and cannot be refunded after booking (This often includes Advanced Purchase rates.) If a rate is non-refundable, the cancellation policy on the payment page will state "non-refundable once booked."

When is my reservation confirmed?

Immediately after you complete your reservation, you will see the confirmation page, showing your booking confirmation number and all the details of your stay. You’ll also immediately receive an email confirmation. Please check to make sure all the details are correct. Although you do not need the email to check-in, we recommend you print a copy for your reference.

I did not receive a confirmation email for my booking. What should I do?

If you have not received a booking confirmation email, please check your spam or junk mail folders first. If you don’t see it there, please call us at 1-877-966-0000, Mon-Sun 9am - 9pm ET and we’ll be happy to resend it. You can also print a copy of your hotel reservation online via “My Account” or send a confirmation email to your email address on account.

How do I make a special request?

You can enter a special request when you make your reservation online. We pass your request to the hotel; however we are not able to guarantee the hotel can fulfill your request. If your reservation is booked with our our partners or Travelscape, please contact the hotel directly after you complete your booking to make a special request. For more information about Getaroom or Travelscape reservations, click here.

Why am I seeing a higher rate for my dates than what you advertised?

If a deal rate sells out, we have different rates available for different dates, so we will show you other available rates for your travel dates. Check the rooms and rates listing carefully before you purchase.

Is the rate shown based on 2 people?

Most rates shown are based on 2 people, called “double occupancy.” You can find extra person charges in the Policies and Fees section under Children/Extra Guests. Please be sure to select the correct number of adults staying in the room from the “Number of Guests” drop-down box. If a deal does not allow more than 2 people, then rates will not be returned.

Where can I find information about the hotel?

Once you search for a hotel, general hotel information can be found in the Overview tab, room descriptions are under the Rooms and Rates tab, and details about hotel amenities can be found under the Amenities tab. The Policies Tab contains important information about check-in, check-out, children, pet policies and any additional fees.

Where can I find the contact details of my hotel?

You’ll find all the contact details of your hotel, including phone number, address and website address email on your booking confirmation.

What is included with my room rate?

You can find information on what’s included right on the hotel details page when you select your rate. Some hotels come with member-exclusive “extras” like free breakfast, some offer parking, and some just offer a really great nightly rate.

Do children cost extra?

Information about charges for children and extra guests can be found on the Policies Tab for each hotel. Individual hotel policies vary so be sure to check the hotel’s policy prior to booking.

Do cots or extra beds cost extra? And how do I book this?

Extra bed costs are shown on the Policies Tab for each hotel. Any additional fees for cots or extra beds are not included in the reservation price and are charged at the discretion of the hotel. If you have made a special request for extra bedding, we suggest you contact the hotel directly to confirm the extra bed is available.

Is my hotel pet friendly?

You can find out if the hotel is pet-friendly on the Amenities tab and the Policies & Fees section will outline any pet fees and/or restrictions. We suggest you check with the hotel directly to confirm availability before booking, as many pet-friendly hotels have a limited number of pet-friendly rooms.

What’s the difference between a double room and a twin room?

A double room has one double bed, and a twin room has two separate beds.

What are Exclusive Extras?

Free Extras are specially negotiated freebies our valued members get when they book a select Travelzoo rate on our site. It is our way of saying thanks! The extras may be different for each hotel and may include a combination of benefits, such as free breakfast, room upgrades, attraction tickets or a credit to spend at the hotel. You’ll see these clearly displayed in the hotel search results and the individual hotel page. Free Extras will also be noted on your booking confirmation email.

How do the Exclusive Extras upgrades work?

Room upgrades, where offered, are subject to availability and assigned on check-in. When you arrive at the hotel, be sure to inquire about an upgrade, and you will be given a room in the next level category up from the one you booked, if one is available.

If I book for one person (single occupancy) do I get Free Extras for two?

No. Free Extras are based on the number of people booked on the reservation. So if you book a rate that includes a complimentary drink at the bar, you’ll get two drinks if you have booked a room for two people, and one drink if you are flying solo. Unless otherwise specified, Free Extras are offered once per room, per stay.

How do I know what Exclusive Extras I get with my booking?

Exclusive Extras are listed on the hotel search results page and the hotel details page. Individual room rates will also list Free Extras if they are included. Make sure you select a rate that offers the Free Extras when you book. Please note that early check-in, late checkout and room upgrades to the next category are all subject to availability at check-in. In other words, it will depend on how full the hotel is on the dates you have booked. We recommend you check with the hotel a couple of days in advance of check-in.

Can I earn my hotel’s loyalty points if I book with Travelzoo?

You may be able to earn loyalty and/or rewards points directly through your confirmed hotel. We recommend you provide your loyalty number to the hotel after your reservation has been confirmed. We cannot guarantee all hotels will award points for stays purchased through Travelzoo.

How are star ratings determined?

We use a combination of recognized industry standards to assign star ratings, including but not limited to, competitor’s ratings, destination-specific rating guides, site visits, amenities and the hotel’s own rating. We hand-pick all of our hotels carefully, so you can be certain that you are getting a quality hotel at a great rate.

Are group rates offered?

No, at this time we are not able to offer group rates. If you are booking a stay for more than 10 people or more than 5 rooms, we suggest you contact the hotel you are interested in to see if you may qualify for a group rate.

When will I be charged for my reservation? Who charges my credit or debit card?

The answer depends on the type of rate you select. Look on the payment page, directly above the section where you enter billing information, for the answer:

If the sentence above the payment section says “The hotel will charge your card according to the booking conditions below,” then the hotel will charge you directly.

If the sentence above the payment section says “Travelscape, LLC./ Holidays, Inc. will charge your card according to the booking conditions below,” then the partner with whom we work to provide inventory will charge your card directly.

In all cases, the Booking Conditions, also found on the payment page, will advise whether the reservation will be paid in full at the time of booking or if the credit card is simply being held to guarantee the room and will be charged by the hotel during your stay.

What credit cards do you accept?

A valid credit or debit card is required to confirm your reservation. The payment card(s) accepted are dependent on the hotel and rate booked. For specifics, please refer to the room description and Forms of Payment Accepted for the hotel you are interested in. Eligible payment cards are also displayed on the booking page when you make your reservation. The card you use for your booking must be valid for the duration of your stay.

Can I use a debit card to reserve a room?

This depends on the policy of the selected hotel. Many hotels do allow debit card bookings, others will only accept credit cards. Keep in mind that if you use a debit card the hotel may pre-authorize your card and/or place a hold on the card at check-in for security purposes.

Can I book with someone else’s card?

Yes, you can, provided you have the other person’s permission, and you will need to pay with a card in your own (or one of your party’s) name on checkout.

Can I book a stay for someone else?

Yes, however if you would like to authorize the hotel to charge the card entered during the booking process for the stay, you must contact the hotel directly to fill out an authorization form.

What currency do I pay in?

All payments are made in the hotel’s local currency. If you are booking a hotel outside the U.S., we will also show you the estimated conversion in USD, but remember this may not exactly match what you will pay on checkout, as currency exchange rates are subject to fluctuation and can change daily.

My credit card I used to book is no longer valid!

Your credit card is used to guarantee your stay, so if the card you used to book is no longer valid, your stay will not be guaranteed. Please contact the hotel directly to provide your new credit card details.

Can I pay for my stay with a different card than the one I used to book?

Yes, you can. The card is used to guarantee your stay, and you can use any payment card the hotel accepts upon checkout.

I have extra charges on my card!

If you have a question about your hotel charges after checkout, please call the hotel directly as we do not have a record of what the hotel charged you.

Are taxes included in the price I see?

The first price you see is the average room rate per night excluding tax. Taxes and fees are then listed on the booking page and added to the room subtotal so you see the total cost of the reservation.

Are the prices I see per person or per night?

Rates shown are always per room, per night, not per person.

What about additional charges?

Some hotels do charge mandatory daily resort fees or service charges to cover some services and facilities. Some additional hotel-offered services or amenities may incur an additional charge, such as daily high-speed Wi-Fi, additional beds/cots, occupancy fees and spa access. These charges will be added to your bill on checkout. When known, we will show you the additional charges during the booking process and on the hotel overview page.

What are the hotel ratings based on?

The rating represents the aggregate score our members have given the hotel. Unlike some other review sites, we only solicit feedback from guests who have stayed at the hotel. This ensures the ratings we display are a true reflection of the experience Travelzoo members have had at a hotel.

What does “reservation provided in partnership with our trusted partner...” mean?

In order to offer provide you with the best selection of hotels in the most destinations, we have partnered with several leading hotel companies to provide access to additional hotels. You get the best of two worlds – great rates provided through our partners, and the same quality experience you’ve come to expect from Travelzoo.

Who are your trusted partners?

Currently we work with leading hotel brands, such as Tourico Holidays, Inc., Travelscape, LLC., and If your reservation is provided by one of our partners, you will always be notified on the payment page and on your confirmation email.

Who charges my card when a reservation is provided by a trusted partner?

Depends on the rate you have selected. and Tourico Holidays, Inc. reservations are always charged in full at the time of the purchase, and the charge is made by the partner. These reservations state on the payment page just above the payment section that “(Partner Name) will charge your card according to the booking conditions below.” The charge on your statement will appear as Hotels *Travelzoo; however or Tourico Holidays, Inc. will be the agent that charges your card.

Some Travelscape, LLC. reservations are charged in full at the time of the purchase, and the charge is made by Travelscape, LLC. The charge on your statement will appear as Hotels *Travelzoo, but Travelscape, LLC. will be the agent that charges your card. These reservations state on the payment page just above the payment section that “Travelscape, LLC. will charge your card according to the booking conditions below.”

Other Travelscape, LLC. reservations are charged by the hotel directly. These reservations state on the payment page just above the payment section “The hotel will charge your card according to the booking conditions below.” In all cases, the Booking Conditions, also found on the payment page, will advise whether the reservation will be paid in full at the time of booking or if the credit card is simply being held to guarantee the room and will be charged by the hotel during your stay.

If I get charged upfront for a partner reservation, can it be cancelled?

Yes, if the cancellation policy on your reservation permits a cancellation, you may do so online by visiting My Account and selecting the Cancel button. Review the cancellation policy carefully to ensure that a cancellation is allowed and to confirm if there are any fees. If you decide you would like to cancel, you will receive a refund for the amount that was charged minus any cancellation fees. Refunds are processed within 24 hours and may take 5-10 business days to appear in your account.

What should I do if I have an issue with a hotel booked through a trusted partner?

We hope you never have an issue with any of our hotels! However, in the event that you do, our service team is ready to help you with any issues you experience, whether with a partner hotel or one of our hotels. Just call us directly at 1-877-966-0000 and we will work with our partner to make it right. We are available Mon-Sun 9am - 9pm ET.

Is my information safe when I book through a trusted partner?

Absolutely! Your information is communicated securely in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We only share information that is necessary to facilitate your reservation.

How do I contact Customer Service?

Our award-winning travel specialists are available Mon-Sun 9am - 9pm ET to assist you. Please call us at +1-877-966-0000 or send an email to