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Mesa, Arizona

Save with a stay in Mesa.

Linger amid an amber-hued landscape of canyons, deserts and lakes where exploration can range from laid-back to adrenaline-packed adventure. While hotel prices in neighboring cities rise as the southwest enters winter, travelers save up to 25% by making Mesa a base from which to explore the area.

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Explore by land and air.

Wide open spaces accented by colorful wildflowers, dramatic rock formations and saguaro cacti make this part of the country a year-round outdoor paradise. Use Mesa as a base from which to explore with bike rides, golf, hot air balloon rides and day trips to Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

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Feast in the Southwest.

After a day of outdoor adventure, fill up on Mexican and Southwestern cuisine. Family-owned restaurants, such as The Olive Mill, tickle the taste buds with ingredients plucked from local farms. At night, hit up TQLA to taste more than 80 varieties of tequila or visit San Tan Flat, a family-friendly country and western bar.

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Visit ghost towns & more.

Step back in time with a trip to an authentic frontier town or to a ghost town dating back to the late 1800s. At Goldfield Ghost Town, visitors can pan for gold, hop on a mine train and drink in a saloon. At the nearby Rawhide Western Town, travelers can be a cowpoke for the day with burro rides.

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Local art & music.

Walk among dinosaur skeletons and Native American artifacts at the Arizona Museum of Natural History, noted by Frommer's as "one of the best museums in the Valley." In Queen Creek, travelers can explore the Wild West on horseback or slow the pace with an outdoor meal in an unexpected desert location.

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