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Relax and recharge on black-sand beaches.

When most people dream of paradise, this is what they see: Maui. Here, beaches come in a variety of brilliant colors -- white, red, even black. Make tracks along the sand in the resort areas of Kaanapali, Kihei and Wailea, where springtime deals that save up to 40% lure travelers to this very real paradise.

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Journey past waterfalls and volcanic craters.

Explore Maui beyond its beaches. Wind along the Road to Hana, a curvy coastal adrenaline rush with views of cliffs, beaches and waterfalls. For a truly Zen moment, experience the gold and red hues of sunrise atop Maui's highest peak, the 9,740-foot-tall Haleakala Crater. Afterward, coast downhill on a bicycle tour.

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Experience traditional luau and local flavors.

Shake those hips and exercise those taste buds at a traditional luau, where fresh food and hula dancers take center stage. Get a few hula lessons, grass skirt and all, ahead of time; most resorts offer free classes. Taste local cuisine during the Maui Onion Festival (May 5) and annual East Maui Taro Festival (April 21).

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Plunge into waters home to colorful coral and fish.

Go ahead, get a little wet. Swim the warm waters of Honolua Bay or join a morning snorkel tour of the Molokini Crater -- keep an eye out for the humuhumunukunukuapua'a (Hawaii's state fish). Waves are calmer in spring, an ideal scenario for first-timers to surfing, paddle boarding and windsurfing.

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Find beauty and fewer crowds in Lanai & Molokai.

You've come all this way, why not sample a few other islands? Hop a ferry from Lahaina to the unspoiled islands of Lanai and Molokai, where rainforest-covered sea cliffs and romantic beaches dazzle those who venture here. While aboard the ferry, watch for humpback whales -- whale-watching season runs through May.

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