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Know before you go.

Despite its relatively small size, Israel packs in a diverse landscape full of stunning beauty, vibrant cities, rich history and religious experiences. Safe to visit, Israel's visitors rave about the trip of a lifetime. Prepare for your visit with these insider tips.

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Must-see spots.

Explore beyond the holy sites -- from the Qumran Caves (where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered) to Masada (an ancient mountaintop fortress) to the Old City of Acre (a UNESCO World Heritage site). "Hike the Roman path to the top of Masada and watch the sun rise," says Zachary Alpert, Deal Expert.

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Faith-based travel.

Ascend the Ramparts Walk, perched atop the ancient stone walls that surround the Old City Jerusalem, for spectacular views and a modern-day stroll through time. Jerusalem is where Christianity, Judaism and Islam intermingle, but holy sites also dot the landscape from the Golan Heights to the Negev Desert.

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World-renowned cuisine.

Israel's diverse melting pot of cultures is reflected in its food. Visitors can still get typical fare like falafels and hummus, but the modern scene absorbs recipes and ingredients from around the world. "An Israeli 'Ice Coffee' is similar to a coffee milkshake and is a real treat," says Loraine Snapper, Deal Expert.

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Adventures on land & sea.

Designed for both casual and serious hikers, The Israel National Trail runs the length of the country, starting from the lush northern mountains to the resort city of Eliat. The dramatic Makhtesh Ramon canyon allows campers. Water lovers can float in the Dead Sea or snorkel in the Red Sea.

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