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Greek Islands

Savor each sunset in this Grecian paradise.

Request a room with a sea view in Santorini, where dazzling sunsets are famous for wooing not just honeymooners. "My favorite memory is staking out a secluded spot on an Oia cliffside with my two best girlfriends, toasting to the most beautiful view we've ever seen," says Deal Expert Jen Lee.

Soak up sun along the Aegean & Ionian seas.

Relax on sand that comes in a rainbow of colors, framed against the turquoise waters of the Aegean and Ionian seas. "Take a ferry from the popular islands of Mykonos and Santorini to one of the many other islands for less-crowded beaches," says Deal Expert Chris Vassil. "Many are close enough for day trips, so you don't need to spend the night."

Feast on fresh seafood & vine-ripe tomatoes.

The sound of lapping ocean waves supplies wonderful background music to alfresco meals featuring fresh-caught octopus, fish, squid and shrimp. "Sounds simple, but eat lots of tomatoes in Crete," says Deal Expert Ashley Hamilton. "The island is known for them, and you won't be disappointed with a huge Greek salad filled with juicy tomatoes."

Explore islands filled with history & myth.

Greek mythology and history echo across these islands. Explore Delos, a tiny island two miles by boat from Mykonos and the birthplace of the Greek god Apollo. Deal Expert Laura Summers also recommends Akrotiri on Santorini -- dubbed the Minoan Pompeii. "It's amazing to see the preserved pottery, frescoes and roads dating from 1500 BC," she says.

Party island-style, until the sun comes up.

Drink, dance and fist pump into the early hours of the morning. On islands such as Ios and Mykonos, guest DJs from around the world spin at parties that don't get started until 11 p.m. Says Deal Expert Kristin Viola: "My favorite memory was dancing up a storm with my best friends from noon 'til sunset to the beats of DJ Sasa at Paradise Beach in Mykonos."

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