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Snag a fourth night for free.

Save big in Curaçao, a Caribbean island with a Dutch-inspired, candy-colored twist that's best seen in its capital's Inner Harbor. Take advantage of a Fourth-Night Free sale -- dropping effective nightly prices to less than $200 -- to explore the architecture, beaches and culture packed into this 38-mile-long country.

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Relax on tranquil coves.

Decisions, decisions. Choose from 35 beaches on Curaçao. Sunbathers, swimmers and snorkelers shouldn't miss a local favorite -- and TripAdvisor's No. 1 attraction in Curaçao -- Kenepa Beach (above). Its otherworldly blue waters captivate even the most experienced beachgoer.

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Embrace rich traditions.

Delve into Curaçao's historical legacies. Tour the Kura Hulanda Museum charting the island's African heritage, visit the prehistoric Hato Caves and browse dozens of art galleries. Or attend a festival to hear a linguistic treat: locals speaking in four languages -- Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamentu (a Creole mix).

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Jump-start all five senses.

More than 50 nationalities -- with European, African and Indian ties -- influence Curaçao's culture and its cuisine. Sample local food at the famous downtown market, Marsche Bieuw, then consult the K-Pasa Entertainment Guide for the best clubs and bars -- like the Mambo Beach Bar pictured -- to burn off the (worthwhile) calories.

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Explore the world below.

The recipient of several awards from Scuba Diving magazine’s 2012 Top 100 Readers' Choice list, Curaçao boasts more than 60 dive sites and 500 species of fish. Strap on a mask to swim among shipwrecks, richly colored coral and ballerina-like sea turtles at sites such as the “Mushroom Forest.”

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